Baked Honey Sesame Chicken

There are recipes that I make that I hope that everyone tries.  This is one of those recipes.  It all began with my sweet and sour chicken that changed my life.  It is actually possible to make the same quality chinese food as P.F. Chang’s at home.  Then came a spicy version of this delicious chicken, my firecracker chicken.  I had died and gone to chinese food heaven with these recipes.  I didn’t think that it could get any better than this.  Since I love chinese food so much my life was complete.  But then I created honey sesame chicken.  Let me tell you this.  This is the best of them all!


It first starts with the breading.  The cornstarch and egg combo makes it taste straight from a restaurant.  Then there is something about baking this chicken that makes the sauce thicken, the chicken brown and absolutely blow your mind.  Seriously I could hardly believe how amazing this was while I was eating it.  The sauce has a sweet honey flavor to it and is absolute honey sesame perfection.  If you love chinese and make one thing from my blog, make this!


I have created a video for you with Ashlee Marie of the cooking process!  You can skip to the Honey Sesame sauce at 3:06 or straight to the baked chicken technique at 6:52!


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Baked Honey Sesame Chicken
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 6
  • 4 chicken breasts
  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • 3 eggs
  • salt and pepper
  • ¼ cup canola oil
  • Sauce:
  • ¾ cup honey
  • ¾ cup soy sauce
  • ½ cup ketchup
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • ½ cup rice wine vinegar
  • 1 t sesame oil
  • 1 t minced garlic
  • 1 T cornstarch
  • additional sesame seeds for garnish
  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Cut chicken breasts into bite-sized pieces and season with salt and pepper.
  2. In separate bowls, place cornstarch and slightly beaten eggs. Dip chicken into cornstarch then coat in egg mixture. I have also found that you can put the chicken pieces in a gallon size bag and shake to coat.
  3. Heat canola oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat and cook chicken until browned. Place the chicken in a 9 x 13 greased baking dish.
  4. In a medium sized mixing bowl, combine honey, soy sauce, ketchup, brown sugar, rice wine vinegar, sesame oil, minced garlic, and 1 T cornstarch. Pour over chicken and bake for 45 minutes or until chicken is cooked through.
  5. I stirred the chicken every 15 minutes so that it coated them in the sauce.

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  1. I have been waiting for this recipe! Can’t wait to try it – it really does look amazing!

    • Heather Fletcher says:

      I’ve made your sweet and sour chicken many times and it’s a huge hit in our house. I knew I couldn’t go wrong with this recipe since it’s similar. It was really good, but next time I think I’ll cook it for an hour like you do with the S&S chicken just to make sure it’s good and sticky! As it sat out after dinner, it thickened up as well, so I’ll be having leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Thanks for another great recipe! Oh and by the way, we haven’t ordered Chinese food since I started making the S&S chicken. 🙂

    • baked honey chicken was ok way to much soy sause if anyone is making this i would suggest oly putting in liike a 1/4 cup

  2. What is rice wine vinegar?

    • And is there a substiture…just vinegar?

      • Destiny M. says:

        You can buy it in the International Foods Isle at the grocery store 🙂 It has to be rice wine vinegar or it wont taste the same. Hope this helps!

        • I was not able to find rice wine vinegar in the International isle but I did get rice vinegar. Will that taste somewhat similar?

          • Rice Wine Vinegar is just another name for Rice Vinegar. You can find it on the same aisle as all the other vinegars. It’s a fairly common ingredient that has been on supermarket shelves in the U.S. for about the last 20 years.

    • It is just a sweeter vinegar. It is found right next to all of the types of vinegar in the grocery store. 🙂

      • Hi Alyssa
        Great recipe, along with the firecracker chicken. Just wondering if you cover the chicken when cooking the the oven?

    • horseloverrr says:

      it is a vinegar that is stronger than the regular vinegar

  3. This is my favorite take-out dish! Can’t wait to make it right at home and not overpaying for the greasiness!

  4. what type of ketchup

  5. I have a question, why do you have to bake the chicken? if you fried it, isn`t cooked?

  6. I have made your firecracker chicken, sweet and sour chicken and fried rice and they were all AMAZING!!! Can’t wait to give this one a try. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Don’t you mean to dip into the egg before the cornstarch?

    • Yes. You dip the chicken in cornstarch first and then the egg.

      • Your recipe looks amazing – but I am still confused about the breading (sorry). Did you do egg then cornstarch, cornstarch then egg, or cornstarch, egg, cornstarch?


        • You dip the chicken first in the cornstarch and then the egg. I know it seems weird but whatever gives it the amazing breading on the outside works for me. 🙂

  8. I see sesame seeds in the photo but none in the recipe. How many do you usually add in and do you just sprinkle them on top at the end?

  9. We enjoyed this. Thanks!

  10. I hate the smell and taste of ketchup.. can I leave this out or do you think the smell and taste are strong? I will leave it in if it is really necessary for the recipe to turn out right.

  11. Just tried this tonight and yes, it was great and we will be having it again for sure!

  12. It’s only 7 a.m., and I’m drooling! Can not wait to eat this tonight! 🙂

  13. MAKING THIS! Made the firecracker chicken and it absolutely rocked. Thanks for sharing 🙂 can’t wait to make it…!

  14. My daughter is allergic to eggs. Do you think I could use milk instead of eggs for the batter?

    • I think eggs help to give it the puffy texture but milk should work great as a substitute. Let me know how it turns out! 🙂

  15. I made this for dinner tonight – cut the recipe in half as there are only two of us. Amazing!! Tastes just like the sesame chicken from the local Chinese resteraunt from my youth. love this!!! Thank you.

  16. What can you use instead of the rice wine vinegar? Or does it make a huge difference in the taste?

  17. I made this recipe for dinner last night, and it was very good! The sauce didn’t thicken as much as I wanted it to. Maybe I should have just let it bake a bit longer, but I was impatient.

    • The first time I made this recipe I added a tablespoon of cornstarch to the sauce and it was a little too thick. I liked it a little thinner to put over the rice. Try adding maybe a teaspoon of cornstarch next time. 🙂

  18. Could I use granulated sugar instead of brown? Will it taste different?

    • If you search for my baked sweet and sour chicken it uses granulated sugar and they are both excellent. I am sure it would be ok??

  19. I’m allergic to tomatoes. Do you think there’s something I could sub for it?

  20. Christina says:

    Do you use light or dark brown sugar?

  21. Hi!

    Thanks so much for sharing! I made the Baked Honey Sesame Chicken tonight (with some tweaks) for supper tonight and it was delish!!!! I substituted sugar free “honey” and Splenda to make it lower carb to fit our diet and it was awesome like that. I can only imagine how good it must be with the real stuff! 🙂
    I shared on facebook and Pinterest so you might be getting some new hits today. I have lots of followers/friends. 🙂

    Thanks again!
    True 🙂

  22. do you use toasted/dark sesame oil?
    make sure you don’t buy seasoned rice vinegar – it adds too much sugar
    Making this tonight

    • I just used regular sesame oil. Let me know how it turns out. 🙂

      • Wonderful dish. I used the toasted sesame oil and I really enjoyed the aroma and the flavor. I should try this with reg sesame oil,, but I don’t think I will 🙂
        The sauce did come out a little thin for my liking.I removed chicken from sauce, added a cornstarch/water slurry of 1 and 1 to the sauce and brought it to a boil on the stove top.

        My wife likes it and that’s a huge compliment.

  23. Have this in the oven right now! Smells amazing. So excited to eat it!

  24. What a great recipe! I try many new recipes and I can’t say that many really impress me. This was absolutely fantastic! My two year old sons also enjoyed it. Thank you!

  25. Sesame Chicken is my FAVE!! This looks fantastic, Alyssa!

  26. Gotta try this! Sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  27. We had this for dinner, and it was really popular. While pouring the sauce over the chicken, I was just certain it was too much sauce, but it is perfect!

  28. This sounds delicious Alyssa; we love Chinese food and I can’t wait to try some of your others as well!

  29. Thanks for sharing – this sounds delicious!

  30. In the ingredients it says sauce which type of sauce? Other than ketchup.

  31. Marie dundon says:

    Made Baked Honey Sesame Chicken twice now. Love it and kids love it too. It’s really delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  32. I am making this tonight so I will let you know how it turns out.


  34. I was in the mood for a homemade Asian something-or-other and was sitting in the grocery store parking lot and searching the web on my cell phone looking for inspiration before heading in to get supplies, when I stumbled upon this recipe. I already had most of the ingredients at home already, so I thought I would give it a try tonight.

    Not only did I think it was delicious, but it was even more of a home run with my boyfriend. He loved it! I will definitely be adding this to my regular recipe rotation. Such a dynamic dish! Thank you so much for sharing!

    I am going to try your Firecracker Chicken recipe next! 🙂

  35. I made this recipe last night, and was quite nervous after making a terrible orange chicken recipe a few weeks back. I made the recipe exactly as stated and it came out amazing. The only thing I did differently was turned up the temperature on the oven to 350, and then for the last 15 minutes up to 400 to thicken the sauce up even more. I paired it up with rice from my rice cooker and it tasted just like something from a restaurant. I’m definitely going to make this recipe again, it was really easy and very good!

  36. Micha3ygirl says:

    This recipe is perfection. My chicken came out delicious, tender and tasty. I served it over basmati rice with a side of Brussels sprouts. Family loved it!! I did have to add more oil for sautéing. Other than that it was Perfect!! Better than any restaurant I’ve been to. Thanks for the recipe! Definite repeat.

  37. I made this last week and my family loved it! It was fantastic. I’m trying the firecracker chicken tomorrow, though I’m tempted to just make this again since it was so good.

  38. Just curious are we cooki.g the chicken breastwhole and then cutting it up before servi.g?

    • You are going to cut the chicken into about 1 inch pieces. You will coat the chicken in the cornstarch and egg mixture to get the breading on the outside.

  39. Destiny M. says:

    I just finished eating this! Mmmmmm! It was soooo good, I wish I wasn’t full right now so I could eat more! 🙂 Thanks for the recipe!!!

  40. I made it today! It come out very delicious! Thank you for the recipie

  41. Best Sesame chicken ever! The whole family loved it, and we agreed it was way better than the restaurant. Easy to prepare, and cook. I’d definitely recommend it.

  42. Jacqueline Stehm says:

    I personally don’t eat meat but I made this for my lovely husband tonight and he scarfed it down in 3 minutes! He said it was to die for! I’m definitely putting it in my recipe book now. It was so easy compared to most recipes and it actually pretty fun to make. 🙂

  43. This is hands down the nicest chicken recipe I have ever had, Asian style or otherwise!! Absolutely amazing. I made half the quantity of sauce and even with 3 chicken breasts found that was plenty. You really do need to give it the full time in the oven to let it thicken up. I used a couple of extra teaspoons of sesame oil in the actual sauce as well as adding some into the cooking oil because I love the taste of it. I also used soft dark sugar and a little bit less honey than in the recipe as I didn’t want it to be too sweet. Delicious, so delicious I am making it again tonight (only made it 2 days ago!!!)

  44. EXCELLENT RECIPE! My husband and I made it last for my father who hates trying new foods. He absolutely loved it and went back for seconds! This will become a household dish.

  45. Vanessa Coleman says:

    This is delicious! I don’t think I’ll ever buy takeout again. It’s simple , quick and delicious. To the sauce I added a splash of katsu sauce and hoisin sauce. Thank you so much for this recipe! I am in love!!

  46. This was outstanding! Tasted like it was from a restaurant and we loved it!! Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  47. These recipes are really life changing. Thank you so much for sharing this! I love them so much!

  48. Hi! I just made this and the breading on the chicken didn’t turn out right … egg pieces just fell off while I fried it. Do you have any suggestions about how I can improve this? The taste was great and I’d love to get it right!

    • Try coating the chicken in egg first, THEN in cornstarch. The cornstarch then egg method didn’t work for me either – I just had scrambled eggs and chicken. Coating the chicken with egg, then cornstarch gave me the puffy “Chinese takeout” breading.

  49. elle faulkner says:

    i tried making this today. the cornstarch makes the chicken pretty hard on the outside when i am cooking it in the pan. cornstarch and eggmixture are pretty messy. lol. any clean way tips?

    • It shouldn’t be making the chicken hard on the outside…. It should just give it a soft breading on the outside like a restaurant. :). I have found to use rubber gloves helps. But it is totally worth the mess. 🙂

    • I’m just guessing maybe you put the cornstarch and the eggs together in one bowl?
      You dip the chicken in cornstarch first and then the egg. 🙂

  50. Linda Tran says:

    1 t sesame oil
    1 t minced garlic
    1 T cornstarch
    Can you specify 1 T? Teaspoon or tablespoon?

  51. This recipe looks soo good. Do you think I could skip the cooking the chicken before baking and just bake it?


    • Patricia Jones says:

      Did anyone ever answer your question? I would like to not do the frying either, trying to eat healthy with no fried foods. Let me know if you try it what happens.thanks

      • You don’t have to fry the outside but that is what gives it the authentic breading on the outside. You can still cook the chicken and add the sauce. Let me know how it turns out.

  52. Shannondotmom says:

    This recipe is delicious, and easy! It turns out great every time I make it.

  53. I wonder if we can substitute some of the sugar for honey? Sometimes it messes with the chemistry of ingredients…anyone try it?

  54. Hi,

    Great idea for somewhere next week! But a question for (international) users; can we replace canalo oil or rice wine vinegar (really hard to get over here)?
    How much grams, cc’s is a cup? (With experience i can say that cups are really different al around the world :).

    Greetings from rainy Holland

  55. Minced garlic… Fresh? In the jar with liquid? Or dried with the spices? Thanks!!!

  56. I tried your recipe for the Baked Honey Sesame Chicken and was in awe of the flavor. I had friends over and they loved it as well. Thanks for sharing this recipe online Alyssa!

  57. Is this correct? 3/4 of a CUP of soy sauce? It seems like a lot!

  58. So good! I am in no superstar in the kitchen, but I pulled this off (along with your fried rice recipe). My husband said this is the best meal I have made since we got married over 4 years ago! Thank you for sharing!!

  59. I made a “cheater” version of the sauce to pour over some cubed chicken thighs for lunch today. Just mixed smaller amounts of the sauce ingredients in with the chicken while cooking it on the stove. Absolutely yummy! I shall have to try the whole recipe for dinner sometime. Delicious with medium grain rice!

  60. I bought white wine vinegar by mistake maybe I should try again as it smells really strong. I couldn’t find rice vinegar

  61. Delicious!!

  62. How would you suggest turning this into a make-ahead recipe? I love it but can’t do it the hour before company arrives.
    Thank you,

  63. Hi there can I make any of the baked chicken recipes ahead and refrigerate?


  64. I made this tonight and my husband loved it. He said it is closer to his idea of Chinese food than P.F. Changs!

    My only question is that it tasted a little strong for me (I have taste buds similar to a child…), I think it might have been the vinegar. Could I cut down on the vinegar like to 1/4 cup? If so, is there something that I could make up for the missing 1/4 cup liquid? I don’t want it to be too thick, it was the perfect consistency. Thank you! 🙂

  65. Crystal Sirrine says:

    Oh my stars this was amazing! I cut the recipe back slightly to suit the quantity of chicken and I just used watered down white vinegar. My fiancé who is so fussy tried it and said it was beautiful and he really liked it. I’ll be sharing this with everyone! Thank you!

  66. So it calls for 4 chicken breasts. I’m not sure but aren’t chicken breasts sometimes different sizes? How many pounds did you use? I ended up only using 2 because they were really big.They totaled 1.5 lbs. Hopefully it’s enough. It’s in the oven right now. This might be a dumb question but I’m just not sure because I don’t know much about chicken. I was vegan for many years. Thanks!!!

  67. Cornstarch first? Then eggs? That seems opposite than usual. Is that a typo?

  68. Hello,

    did you use light soy sauce or dark one for that?

    • Just regular or low sodium sauce will be great!

      • Hi, can you please help me on my soy sauce choice? I have in my pantry: superior light soy sauce (tastes very salty), dark soy sauce (mushroom), ketjap manis (indonesian) and standard ‘maggi’ brand soy sauce (which has it’s own distinct taste imho).. They’re all very different! Thanks for the help! Grtz from Holland

    • HParrow says:

      The regular soy sauce in the USA is like the light soy sauce I buy here in Ireland. Dark soy sauce is too strong and has a different flavour. Watering it down can work but it’s not the same. Hope that helps!

  69. Do you cover the chicken when you cook it?

  70. How do you keep the breading on? I am thinking the recipe needs to be reversed. Egg, then starch? Mine all fell off when I was browning it. 🙁

    • I have made this way to much by now and nope you dip the chicken in the cornstarch and then the egg. I haven’t had the breading fall off before. Did it happen when you were browning the chicken or when it was baking?

  71. Breading all fell off! What did I do wrong?

  72. A really good recipe – the only drama I found was that the sauce didn’t taste enough like honey. Should I add more honey or cut back on some other ingredients?

  73. This is good. The technique is excellent. The final result very similar to Chinese restaurant food.

    However, I cut back on the amount of honey and brown sugar and still thought this was way too sweet. What would be the best way to cut out on the sweetness while still having enough sauce to cover the chicken (and a little rice)?

    Thanks for posting it. I will definitely keep this method in mind.

  74. Shelby Iyone says:

    Great stuff!! I made this for 5 adults- everyone LOVED this recipe!

  75. I just made this for dinner, and it was great! The breading didn’t really work for me, but it wsnt bad. I did use apple cider vinegar instead of rice wine vinegar, but it was still delicious. Added broccoli, water chestnuts, mushrooms, and green peppers.

  76. Made this tonight & the soy sauce was a little overwhelming for us. (We are not huge soy sauce fans) – but we appreciate any yummy Chinese meal that we can make on our own instead of ordering out! If we cut the soy sauce in half, what could we replace it with to ensure enough sauce to cover the chicken? Also, my breading ended up at the bottom of my pan…was my heat too high/low? I’m not auditioning for Master Chef anytime soon 😉 thanks again!

  77. I just made the baked honey sesame chicken. It was good (very) but my son and I thought something was ‘off’ with my sauce. I used dark brown sugar–would that make a difference in the taste? Also, is rice vinegar the same as rice WINE vinegar? Last question, I used toasted sesame oil, so could that have given us a less than perfect result?

  78. This looks so Delish! I am about to make it but we’re snowed in so I can’t run out to get cornstarch or sesame oil. Do you think I could substitute flour for cornstarch? And is the seams oil really needed or can it go without? TIA 🙂

  79. I used thighs instead of breast… but I plan on trying it with chicken breasts next time. OMG it is so delicious and tastes just like what I would buy… but better because I made it! Easy, affordable, and can be modified to fit different health issues (for example-I did not use salt to season and I used low sodium soy sauce). I am excited to make this again! Thank you.

  80. Planning on making this tonight but I do have one question…. Can I use a fryer instead of cooking it on the stove at first?

  81. Hi there,

    We made your honey sesame chicken and fried rice tonight. And I have a couple of questions.. I only used 3 large chicken breasts instead of 4 and my son has celiac disease, so I have to use gluten free soy sauce. The sauce tasted very salty, but otherwise LOVED the chicken and fried rice. Could you give me so insight for my next go around with this meal? (my sauce was MUCH darker than yours in the picture) Thanks a lot for any suggestions you may have;)

  82. Hi,

    I was wondering… I have a son who loves Honey Chicken, as well as Sesame Chicken. To make a traditional Honey Chicken, would I just substitute Olive Oil or something similar for the Sesame Oil so it doesn’t seem like Sesame Chicken without the extra Sesame Seeds?

  83. Donna Smillie says:

    Amazing dinner i have made it twice now and love it when making sauce it looks yuck but once cooked oh yum. 🙂

  84. I made this recipe last night. I was skeptical about my ability to make it, I am a baker and used to making cookies and cakes. Meat is definitely not my strong point. So I was very pleasantly surprised to find that this recipe was actually quite easy easy and BOY was it delicious! I have three picky children and they all were raving about how good it was. I paired it with your easy fried rice and snow peas. Definitely a keeper recipe for us. Thanks so much for sharing this!:

  85. Heather Fletcher says:

    I’ve made your sweet and sour chicken many times and it’s a huge hit in our house. I knew I couldn’t go wrong with this recipe since it’s similar. It was really good, but next time I think I’ll cook it for an hour like you do with the S&S chicken just to make sure it’s good and sticky! As it sat out after dinner, it thickened up as well, so I’ll be having leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Thanks for another great recipe! Oh and by the way, we haven’t ordered Chinese food since I started making the S&S chicken. 🙂

  86. Jennifer says:

    Made this last night for dinner, it was ok. Too sweet and salty, I would definitely cut back the soy sauce and ketchup, it over powered everything, we couldn’t taste sesame at all..

  87. I just made this for dinner tonight. It was awesome! My husband said “You DEFINITELY have to make this again.” My 11 year-old pickier than the pickiest eater I’ve ever known loved it! Thank you!

  88. Hi there I’m not sure why but my sauce turned out really dark brown even though I followed the recipe and the measurements accurately? The sauce was good but wasn’t really honey though.

    • I was in the same boat. I believe we should try a light soy sauce the next go around. Post your results if you do!

  89. Hello,

    I’m a guy and not the most seasoned cook. The prep time says 30 minutes but it took me over 1 1/2 to 2 hours to batter and brown the chicken (used 4 breasts cut in bite size pieces). For me, this meal is for the weekends and not during the week. Is this a guy thing or am i doing something wrong?

    • The prep time(30 minutes) just includes setup and battering the chicken with cornstarch and then eggs. The cook time is 1 hour (15 minutes for browning the chicken in the wok, 45 minutes for cooking in the oven). I found these times to be pretty accurate.

  90. 1 t sesame oil
    1 t minced garlic
    1 T cornstarch

    Just wanted to chicken the above measurements. Are they teaspoons or tablespoons?
    really looking forward to trying this. Thanks!

  91. I am thinking of trying this. I have all of the ingredients except canola, I have veggie oil. My thing is this I never done it like using cornstarch, and you say dip in cornstarch then in egg. SO nothing after the egg just fry them up?

  92. This turned out Great! Not exactly looking like yours though. It was much darker I am a foodie blogger myself so I’ll be sharing this. I did tweak it slightly to my liking 😉 Never tried doing chicken in the corn starch then egg, but I was shocked how well that worked!

  93. Ok so after you put the chicken through the egg and into the hot oil, I get fried egg covered chicken. How do I combat this?

    • Honestly, right in the beginning stage it will look like a fried egg type breading over the chicken. Just let it brown up a little and then bake… let me know how it turns out!

      • Ok… I tried to experiment a little when I made this. I dipped them in the cornstarch and the egg and just tried to shake the excess off a little bit. I also had to turn the heat down when frying, I guess I had it too high. 🙂 The first time I just had giant yellow puffy balls of egg. After I fixed it, they were delicious in the end, I just had to play with the heat a bit.

  94. Omg…I am craving this right about now!! Good-bye Panda Express, hello Homemade recipe!

  95. I found this recipe on Pinterest and decided to make it for my Try it Tuesday dinner last night. After I had already planned my menu I found out that we were having out of town guests for dinner. Normally I would not have served a recipe I had not yet tried to guests but I decided to go for it. I am so glad that I did. One of the guests said that it was the best homemade Chinese food she had ever eaten. Thanks so much.

  96. It says sauce. What kind of sauce is it????

  97. I made this along with the veg fried rice last night and it tasted AMAZING! My family thought both were better than what we get at chinese restaurants. I’m a beginner cook and I usually get overwhelmed trying to follow recipes but yours was so easy to follow! Going to try out your cinnamon pancakes next!

  98. I really like the base of this recipe but I would personally make some tweaks based off me and my wife’s taste preferences. I’m not sure why but I did not get the same golden color as you show in your picture. The sauce recipe is very dark so it looked basically the same as your Baked Sweet and Sour recipe.

    The recipe seemed to have a strong vinegar and ketchup taste. The honey was right on so I wouldn’t change that. Perhaps I would dial the ketchup and vinegar back to 1/4 cup each.

    I would be open to recommendations on how to achieve a lighter sauce color too. Perhaps a light soy sauce?

  99. Roshell Richardson says:

    I think I did something terribly wrong. When I browned the chicken after dipping in cornstarch and egg, I got what seems like chicken coated in thick scramble eggs.

    • Thats kind of what it should seem like. It is just a breading for the chicken but once baked everything turns out fantastic.

  100. Trisha V. says:

    Made this recipe… it is awesome!!! Love it and the left overs taste great the next day.

  101. this is so great because it is Gluten-free so my celiac child can eat it!! Thanks!!

  102. I don’t know what happened, but my chicken sauce came out WAY too “soy-sauce-y” and salty and it looked nothing like the picture (it was much darker brown). What could I have done wrong? I followed the recipe exactly 🙁

  103. Hi,
    I cooked this recipe last night, but it came out very dark in colour with a strong soy sauce flavour, thought I must have read the recipe wrong but the honey and the soy sauce are the same quantities. Love honey chicken and yours look amazing, have you got any idea of what I am doing wrong please..

  104. Hi,
    Is that teaspoon or tablespoon for the mixed garlic, cornstarch and sesame oil. Thank you.

  105. callie walton says:

    I made this tonight. It came out wonderful. I had to use regular sugar, but it was still great. Thanks!

  106. Gerhard says:

    Hi. I would like to know whether the degrees refers to Fahrenheit or Celsius? As 325 degrees Celsius sound to hot?

  107. Jennifer says:

    The chicken was nice and tender. I was concerned about frying plus 45 min in the oven, but that all worked well. The reversed from normal process for breading the chicken is not a mistake as people keep questioning. Trust this. In fact it is a lot less messy than the other way around. Not sure how people are ending up with egg falling off/scrambled eggs? I followed the recipe exactly, however I was disappointed in the flavor. The ketchup/vinegar taste combined with overwhelming sweetness was not pleasant for me nor reminiscent of any sesame chicken I’ve ever had.

  108. Made this last night and it was a hit! It tasted just as great warmed up for lunch today too. Thanks for the recipe!

  109. I can’t believe my partner ate seconds. He is beyond fussy and gave it 2 thumbs up. I used low sodium soy and it was perfect. Thank you so much for a winner. Can’t wait to try another.

  110. you can make a batter without eggs
    flour, cornstarch, baking powder, salt, pepper, and sugar and water
    and you can fry then without baking if the chicken pieces are not to thick and large

  111. Going to use chicken tenderloins from the freezer dept..

  112. Tami Mullins says:

    Thank you so much for an awesome recipe! I live on an American Military base overseas and Chinese food is hard to come by. This is just what the doctor ordered! I will be making this again and again…well, until my jeans feel too tight! 😉

  113. I just made this tonight as I was craving something Chinese and really get freaked out by the “chicken” they often use at our local restaurants. It is really good!
    I did find that it is too salty. I think next time I will use a low-sodium soy sauce. Also, I would like to spice it up just a little bit. What do you think would be the best way to do that who this recipe? Add some sezchuan, or just some red pepper flakes?

    • Yes try low sodium soy sauce next time…. you definitely need to try the firecracker chicken! That one has a little kick and it is awesome!

  114. I made this last night for dinner and found that it was a bit on the salty side.My wife and 3 year old son loved it. It’s weird how many people had trouble with the breading, once browned, it shouldn’t fall off. I would definitely use less soy sauce.Use a low-sodium soy sauce, maybe add some tomato sauce instead of ketchup.

  115. Made this last night and it was delicous! Thank you so much, the recipe is amazing. I left out the sesame seed oil as I did not have any, and it was still amazing. Might leave out just a bit of honey next time though. Plan on trying your firecracker chicken next!

    Thank you so much!

  116. Sounds amazing!! What does T mean tho? “1 T of corn starch”…?

  117. Well – not quite sure what to say about this. Looked good but the first bite was a bit of a surprise … thought it would be sweet. It really wasn’t. Like Cyndi said – it was kind of strong. I am not sure if its the 3/4 c. of soy sauce or the vinegar. Surely, I shouldn’t have to add more sugar but actually, I did. Just found it surprisingly not sweet. It was much better after I added several heaping tablespoons of brown sugar. I think I’d make it again … just maybe use less soy sauce and perhaps vinegar. Some people enjoyed it but only after I added the extra sugar. The chicken part was great – but maybe I’d make the changes to the sauce or just use a different sauce.

    • We made this for the first time tonight. Way too much vinegar it overpowered everything! I would use 1/4 at the most, maybe even 1/8… rice vinegar is even stronger than rice wine vinegar in the vinegar taste… we used the rice wine vinegar as per recipe…love the batter the cornstarch and egg made for the chicken! We added another cup of honey and 1 1/2 cup of brown sugar after baking to try to cut vinegar, and still could not taste the other flavors but the vinegar and sugar….perhaps the ketchup acid contributed to it as well… will try it again with the the much less vinegar…

  118. I was wondering if you knew what the measurements were in grams not cups, I tried converting it online but it seems really complicated?

  119. This is delicious and my family’s new favorite. Thank you!

  120. Dee Simonds says:

    Now i’m looking for a Chicken Lo Mein recipe 🙂
    Thanks for Sharing !!

  121. Suzan Vasica says:

    I made this today and omg its so good. Sweet but delicious. I would reduce the brown sugar and/or honey next time. I also did it in a hotter oven for shorter time. The sauce thickened nicely. I cooked it in a high fan forced oven at 200C, which converts to 392F , for 15 mins, then added another 5. So a total of20 mins. Chicken was still soft and not dry

  122. can I make this and freeze it? Thanks

  123. I’m giving this one 5 out of 5! This recipe is so amazing! I really don’t like eating take out because I’m sensative to colours and preservatives, but my partner loves it. This honey sesame chicken totally saved the day. Now we can both enjoy a bit of ‘take in’ with all the ‘take out’ feel without having to worry about hidden additives. Thanks for the perfect recipe, it is one of the few online recipes I haven’t had to change at all (which is super impressive). I’ve made this twice now and it works great! I’m adding this to my list of new favs!

  124. Looks delicious! Will this work with shrimp?

  125. I was looking for new ways to prepare chicken to help me lose weight. I wrap the chicken in a tortilla, filled with all kinds of veggies, cooked fruits, and spices. This with exercise works wonders. Thanks

  126. Made this tonight. I will admit that I am not the most exact at measuring, so I don’t know if my attempt should really count. Bit of a pain the butt to fry up all those little pieces of chicken; however, my main difficulty was with the sauce. It tasted kind of excessively vinegar-y and ketcup-y. Again, this may be my hurried measurements at fault, and reluctance to use that much sugar (yikes!). All in all it came out pretty good, but not spectacular. If you make this, don’t be scared of the sugar.

  127. boolprop333 says:

    Still waiting to see how it turns out but the first part seemed to just be like I was cooking eggs with chicken in it. My place smells like eggs right now. hoping this works because my son loves chicken from a Chinese place but when I make it at home not so much.

  128. Hi Alyssa, I just wanted to double check that “T” is tablespoon..and not teaspoon ?


  129. Hello!

    I tried this recipe last night, and the final product was so tasty! I just have a question about the chicken breading. I followed the recipe, yet the breading fell off the chicken during the baking process. Do you know any possible reasons why? I’m think I might have dipped the chicken into the egg mixture too much.

    Please let me know!

  130. This looks amazing…trying it tonight!

    On a side note: Alyssa, do you get exasperated by some of the questions people ask on here? I understand the need for some clarification but it’s ridiculous that people can’t infer simple things! lol It’s almost as if they’ve never cooked a single thing in their lives. That might be the reason, but I just think it’s sad that someone can’t come to their own conclusion that sesame seeds were added as a garnish after the fact regardless if it wasn’t added in the directions. 😛

    • Oh trust me! You don’t know the half of it! I am currently hiring for a comment answerer if you are interested. 😉 😉

  131. You think I can make it in the evening and take it out for lunch the next day??

    Actually for all of the dishes (Firecracker Chicken, Baked Orange Chicken, Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken, Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken with Peppers and Pineapple etc) for that matter!

    Or maybe brown the chicken in the evening and bake it with the sauce the next morning to save time??

  132. Thanks for the recipe! I made this tonight and it was a HIT! I did change a couple of things: Substituted red wine vinegar for 1/4 rice vinegar + 1/4 apple cider vinegar. Plus I think I missed the fact that I was supposed to coat with corn starch THEN egg! LOL I dipped in egg then corn starch! plus I noticed I needed more cornstarch probably used 1 1/2. and corn oil was too I just poured more, fried them, removed and baked in oven..and only baked for 15 minutes..IT WAS DELISH!!! I also made the Easy fried rice! Another success! Giving this 5 stars!

  133. I don’t have canola oil. Which would be better to substitute , canola oil cooking spray or olive oil?

  134. Jill Grzywinski says:

    So glad I found you!! Your recipes are my families favorite. I had to google you. I don’t know if you know this, but you’ve been blocked on Pinterest!!! Not sure why?

  135. I made this last night and it didn’t taste right I used just under 1/2 a cup of rice wine vinegar and I put in extra hone and brown sugar and all it tasted like was vinegar. So not really sure what went wrong?

  136. Tracey Miller says:

    I made this last night and it was an enormous hit. My 98 year old mother-in-law loved it too and she’s super picky.

  137. Just made this for dinner…all of my guests asked for the recipe to take home! I did cook it an extra 10 minso the sauce would be a bit thicker. amazing!

  138. Louise Bader says:

    I made this last night and it was AWESOME!! I was going to get takeout because I was craving Chinese food but the place close to me has gone down. The food last time was disgusting. I do have a PF Changs pretty close but this was better! I followed it exactly. Well I messed up at the very beginning and forgot to salt/pepper the chicken. I just did it after I got the breading on. Worked just fine. It took me a bit longer than I thought to make but next time (and there will be many more times for sure!) it will be more simple for me. First time can be a challenge but this could and will be a quick and easy one for me. The one thing that I hated was putting my hands in the cornstarch. I cringed. I guess I don’t really ever cook with it and it was like scratching a chalkboard to me. I’ll just wear gloves lol. It all turned into a gloppy looking mess but I think that made it work out so well for me. Meaning, I wasn’t trying to keep the cornstarch out of the eggs when I was coating the chicken. I was worried at first because my sauce was thin when I poured it over the chicken. I was expecting it to be thicker. No problem there either. It thickened so nicely while in the oven. I tossed in the sesame seeds when it was done and added in some of the chopped green onions. Looked just like the restaurant! Better than takeout and the best part it tasted amazing. I just had leftovers and I still can’t believe I made this! I made your fried rice recipe with it. I thought it was good but I for one never cook rice and I think I overcooked it. I also had to add WAY more soy sauce. I think it’s because I messed up the rice. I’ll post over on that one and maybe I can get some tips lol. Thanks so much for sharing these! I already shared with my sister and plan to spread the good word!! 🙂

  139. This was lovely! Was a little too sweet, so may reduce sugar next time. All the family really enjoyed this dish. Thanks for a great recipe.!

  140. Barbara Starrenburg says:

    Am I able to get this recipe please It sounds so good but there is no “print” option and I am no techno! Thanks

  141. Tiffany Holcomb says:

    Made this tonight. I didn’t realize I had run out of brown sugar, so had to substitute for white. My little picky family of 4 LOVED it! I on the other hand found it to be too sweet, for my taste. It was good. I’m just not much of a sweet food eater. Will definitely make again for my loves.

  142. I do love stuff like this and your recipe seems really simple and easy so will give it a go next time I am in the mood for something a little Asian in flavour 😀

  143. This chicken is soooooo good! I use about half the sauce and save the rest for the next week. My picky husband and his family told me I have to make it at the next family party

  144. loved it! Picky husband is in love with it. Although I use half the sauce and save the rest for the next week. My MIL told me I have to cook it at the next family party.

  145. Hi Alyssa;
    You are quite loved here. I had a question and I went through the comments and nobody mentioned it. My concern is the CORNSTARCH. Cornstarch is nothing but carbs. I have been on a low carb-high protein diet since 2007. I usually use a tsp. or a tbsp. of cornstarch if needed never a whole cup. I looked up substitutions, but they were all just as bad, such as flour.
    How come you use so much cornstarch in your recipes? Obviously you don’t have a weight problem.
    What would you recommend for substitutions?
    Thanks so much.
    If possible could you send the answer to my e-mail?

  146. Krista Lewis says:

    Could the sesame chicken be baked in roasters after frying it to serve large quantities for about 80 people?

  147. Any idea how many calories are in this dish?

  148. Will using white vinegar instead of rice wine vinegar make a big difference?

  149. Glorya-Jean says:

    I have made this a number of times. Forget take out, you will never order in after eating this.

    It is awesome.

  150. Could I use apple cider vinegar or red wine vinegar in place of the rice wine vinegar? Thank-you!


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