Deer Valley Inspire Retreat

I had the best weekend at the Deer Valley Resort this past weekend and I can’t wait to share it with you!  I was selected to go with a group of amazing bloggers.  My cute friend Carrian over at Sweet Basil organized the entire thing and let me tell you… it was absolutely fantastic!


We arrived at a gorgeous house in Deer Valley.  The home was absolutely beautiful and decorated from top to bottom from Rod Works.  It looked like Christmas inside and it even had stockings over the fireplace.  We were told to go and find our SWAG bags on our bed to find out what room we would be in.  Because this weekend was about getting to know other bloggers we were assigned a roommate.  My roomie was Kristy and we had a blast staying up until 4am laughing and talking. I was so excited to find my bag filled with tons of goodies from Red Maple Run, Grace and Lace, Brin and Bell, Real Salt, Nature Box, Beauty Box 5, Vintage Silverware, and Emergency Kits.  I was already in heaven and I had just arrived!


That night we all bundled up and headed out to dinner.  We ate at Mariposa and it is rated #1 for food and service by Zagat.  It was stunning as we walked in with mood lighting and crackling fireplaces.  We were served a seven course meal.  Thats right.  Seven!  We were given the most amazing food from start to finish and my favorite course was the bison.  I would have probably never tried bison before but I was so glad that I did!  It was tender and juicy and I actually prefer it over steak now!



The first  night in the house was my favorite night.  We all got in our matching pajamas from Plum Pretty Sugar and sat together in front of the fireplace.  Some of the bloggers made us some yummy treats from Krusteaz.  Usually when we get together as bloggers we talk about our blogs.  We talk about numbers and networking, and really focus on our blogs.  Carrian challenged us to be a team and really collaborate with each other.  Not compare or compete with each other.  Ask ourselves, who is this person sitting next to me?  What are they really like behind the blog?   I got pared with Barbara from Barbara Bakes to ask some pretty personal questions.  I would have never gotten to know her on that level and we connected in a way that we probably never would have.  It made me really evaluate myself as a blogger while I was there.  I didn’t even open the blog or answer emails, comments, etc. the entire time that I was there.  It was such a relief.  I was able to relax and enjoy myself and really focus on the important things while I was there.  And make me realize what really is important to me.  Family always comes first, and the blog comes second.  And I want to help and support others that are also going through this blogging journey.

The next morning everyone woke up early for some Yoga and Lole provided us with some workout clothes.  Then everyone was fitted for some skis and some ski clothes by Deer Valley and they headed out for a day of skiing!  Me and my best friend Nikki over at Chef in Training are 8 days apart in our pregnancy!  So we had to stay behind.  I was on the lunch committee and we prepared the most amazing grilled cheese panini and soup bar your heart could imagine!  We had every type of Heber Valley Cheese you could imagine there.  We had all of the equipment provided to us including knives, cookware, panini presses, a blender, and everything that we would need.  I made my favorite fire roasted tomato soup and it was a hit!  It was perfect for a cold day out skiing and I was so glad that everyone enjoyed it.  The pressure is on when you are cooking for a group of elite food bloggers.  😉



It was a pretty snowy and cold weekend in Deer Valley.  We bundled up again and headed to our Saturday night dinner at the Riverhorse on Main, which was another award winning restaurant.  I don’t even know if I can put into words how phenomenal this restaurant is.  From the food that was served to us to the service, this was a five star restaurant.  They kept bringing us the most incredible entrees.  And when I was asking about a dish, they would just bring it to me to try.  And I was never disappointed.  My favorite of the night was the macadamia crusted halibut.  It was to die for.  The service just blew me away.  The chef came and talked to us and got to know us.  They were so personal and genuinely cared about our visit.  This will definitely be a place that I go back and visit again and again!



On Sunday morning we woke up to an amazing waffle bar and Hamilton Beach provided us with all the waffle makers that we would need.  Real Foods Market provided us with all of the delicious food that we would need for this amazing breakfast!  Nikki made her famous waffle topping called  “The Goodness” and I slathered that stuff on and piled it with some fresh fruit.  We even had fried chicken strips to go on top.

Sunday afternoon was bittersweet for me.  I was sad to see an amazing weekend coming to an end.  Whole Foods Market so graciously prepared lunch for us and a sandwich for us to take home with us.  The entire time that I was there I couldn’t even believe it was real life.  Everyone that was responsible for making this weekend possible went above and beyond to make it such a huge success.  I cherish this weekend that we had together and especially for the things that I learned.  I truly walked away from this weekend feeling rejuvenated and inspired.  I was able to learn so much about others and myself.  Who I am as a person and who I want to be as a blogger.  I want to be able to inspire others and work together to build each other up as a community.  I truly am so grateful that I was apart of this weekend and it will be an experience that I never forget!


Amazing bloggers that were apart of this weekend:

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