Herbed Lemon Garlic Chicken Skewers

Fresh lemon, herbs, and garlic come together in this fast and flavorful marinade.  Complemented with fresh and bright summer veggies in this amazing meal that is under 400 calories! I am so excited to share a delicious recipe with you today!  And the best part is that it is under 400 calories.  It is from […]

Grilled Sweet Chili Lime Chicken

Delicious and easy  grilled chicken with a sweet chili lime glaze.  The flavor is amazing and will be one of the best things you grill this summer! I sure do love summer.  And me and my kiddos are having a blast.  And by having a blast I mean giving them the hose and buying a […]

Grilled Mexican Street Corn

This corn gets grilled and slathered with an amazing mayonnaise blend and topped with parmesan cheese and chili powder.  This is one of the best corn recipes you will eat! Grilling season is in full force over here at our house.  We love to grill!  One of our favorite sides to grill is corn. My […]

Grilled Parmesan Garlic Potato Planks

Because we are grilling so much in the summer I am always on the hunt for delicious sides.  I was given an awesome Weber Grilling Cookbook.  It has so many yummy ideas and also gives great tips for the grill.  We love grilled potatoes as a side and usually cook them in foil.  I spotted […]

Queso Burgers

We had a little farewell BBQ right before I left North Carolina.  I decided to make these amazing queso burgers.  We love queso and we love burgers…  queso+burgers= mind blown! I have been watching what I eat right before our Hawaii trip at the end of the month.  This was my hardest challenge to face […]

Chipotle Chicken Kabobs with Avocado Cream Sauce

Remember the other day when I said that it was really rainy and the summer was pretty mild here in North Carolina?  Well the storms are gone and the heat and humidity are in full swing.  My hair and the humidity do not mix here and it is a hot mess!  But on the flip […]

50+ Summer BBQ Potluck Ideas

I don’t know about you guys but I love BBQ’s in the summer.  It is so fun to get the family together and grill up an amazing meal!  Sometimes it is is hard to know what to grill, or what to bring as a side to a family potluck.  Well my friends, I have got […]

Grilled Chipotle Ranch Burgers

I told you that we love BBQ’s in the summer.  🙂  There is just something about a juicy burger that is hot off the grill with melted cheese that you just can’t beat!  Having to cook for a group of about 6 guys I knew that these would be a hit. The chipotle ranch flavoring […]

BBQ Chicken Salad with BBQ Cilantro Lime Dressing

When I was growing up I hated salad.  I would totally gag if I even would taste it.  It wasn’t until I had had my first baby that I forced myself to start liking it.  I would wrap chicken up in a lettuce leaf and then hurry and eat it!  I knew it was good […]

Grilled Hawaiian Chicken

This is a definite recipe that you need to grill up this summer!  It was my first recipe that I have used with coconut milk.  The smell of it reminded me of my time in Hawaii and it made me miss it.  I had to make this recipe with my Rodizio Grilled Pineapple.  Everything turned […]