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A few weeks ago a small group of bloggers and I had the opportunity to attend an event with Utah Cosmetic Surgery and Dr. Haupt and now we have the chance to offer all of you a $2500 giveaway! I had a few reservations. I think aging can be quite beautiful as the person has lived, loved, and experienced so much, BUT I also am a huge believer in taking the best care you can of the body you’ve been blessed with. So, we all sat down to hear about skin care. Something I fully admit to knowing nothing about and only recently started washing my makeup off at night. I walked in thinking that cosmetic surgery for skin care meant botox for women who are obsessed with being perfect. I walked out a true believer in skin care, Dr. Haupt and his entire office. In fact, I’m not just a believer, but I am a patient now too. So let’s learn about Utah Cosmetic Surgery-$2500 giveaway!

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Dr Haupt, Leading Surgeon According to Forbes

According to Studio 5, “For two consecutive years, Dr. Scott Haupt, MD, at Utah Cosmetic Surgery has been selected by Goldline Research and seen in Forbes Magazine as being one of the 10 best plastic surgeons in the country. He is the only plastic surgeon in the Intermountain West to receive this honor. Dr. Haupt has extensive experience in wound care, plastic, and reconstructive surgery. He has been seen on several local news segments over the past several years and is sought after as a credible source on the latest cosmetic procedures. As a board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Haupt has completed over 7,000 procedures”.


Dr Haupt is awesome. He is the opposite of every surgeon you’ll ever meet. Seriously. I don’t feel bad at all telling you that pretty much all surgeons (or even many doctors) seem to think they are the bomb.com and ready for the money. Which, that’s fine, but Dr Haupt is all kinds of wonderful. He’s very soft spoken, kind, humble and extremely well educated. He loves to keep learning and growing in his field, and especially loves getting better and more informed just so he can help you make wise decisions and he can take good care of you. He emphasized multiple times that he just wants to help the patient feel and look better, but in a way that’s actually good for them. He has actually had a patient come in that did not need lipo on the stomach and (because lipo can actually create a little irregularity in appearance on the stomache) he told her he just couldn’t do it because she had beautiful abs and would risk making them look bad by having the procedure. I love that. Someone who isn’t after your money, but just wants you to feel beautiful and confidant.


That night we got to watch Carrian get a mild chemical peel done and see what it was like!  I had never seen it done before so I didn’t know what to expect.  Carrian did amazing and it was a painless procedure.  A chemical peel is one of the least invasive way to improve the appearance of your skin.  They use a chemical solution to remove the outer layer of your skin and remove all of the damaged layers.  Carrian looked amazing and had baby soft skin.  They did such a great job!

I also chose to have a mild chemical peel done.  This is probably something that I would have never done in my life.  I made my appointment and was so excited to try it out.  The staff was so nice and friendly and explained everything that would be happening for the chemical peel.  After my chemical peel I couldn’t even believe how my face felt!  It was so baby soft and smooth.  I felt like I was glowing as I walked out of there.  And call me crazy but I even felt younger!  I kept thinking to myself, why haven’t I gotten a chemical peel before?  My skin felt amazing for weeks and was smooth and soft.  I can’t wait to go back to the amazing staff at Utah Cosmetic Surgery and get it done again!


You Can’t Work Out to Make Your Body Better But Ignore Your Skin

Dr Haupt made an amazing point about how people make goals to take better care of themselves but the area that will always be a dead giveaway about age, health, and nutrition, the skin is always forgotten. You have to take care of yourself inside and out. Skin care is like going to the gym, you have to be willing to do it and keep doing it. Ding, ding, ding! Totally hit home for me. Duh, why wouldn’t I want to do little things to stay looking healthier and younger longer?

5 Things You Should Be Doing to Stay Looking Young

1. SUNSCREEN- Yup, that’s me yelling it. It takes years and years for sun damage, which occurs deep down to appear. That means that the sun burn you got when you were 16 wont be showing up until you’re like 45, and so on. Wear sunscreen. No healthy diet or workout can protect your skin from the harmful rays of sun. Yes, tans and “glowing skin” look pretty, but when you’re 65 and leathery will you really be thinking, If only I’d gotten a better tan! Trust me, I’m totally on board with this. I’ll use a sunless lotion tanner rather than destroy my skin.

2. Wash off your makeup- Makeup doesn’t just sit on the skin, it soaks in and overtime can actually make a difference in your skin. Wash it off.

3. Wash your face with a cleanser- All day long dirt, wind, pollution, sweat, makeup and so on beat up our skin. A good cleanser cleans all of that out and allows the skin to breath and regenerate. Thus leaving you with a prettier face. This includes men. Trust me, even male celebrities are taking care of their skin.

4. Antioxidants inside and out- I knew that antioxidants were good for us on the inside, but I didn’t know that we need them on our skin too! I’ve found this new product at UCS and while it’s not drugstore cheap it is cheaper than the $250-$800 bottles of tonics at Nordstrom AND it works waaaaay better. It’s amazing. Ask for it for Christmas if you need to, but add this to your morning routine and stay lovely forever. Heaven knows I am.

5. Skin Care Procedures-I wasn’t expecting to say this, but skin care procedures do not have to be invasive and they certainly are not to look like Joan Rivers like I thought, sorry Joan. We shave our legs, get waxed, get facials, put on lotions, get moles removed, get rid of blackheads, brush our teeth, floss and so much more to take care of our bodies. Skin care procedures are the same. They are not (though some do abuse and go too far) to change your face into plastic. From chemical peels to fillers these are just ways to help our bodies restore what’s going away (hello, you color your hair or take supplements to do the same thing) or clean things up after years of abuse. I receieved a mild chemical peel to get rid of the old, dry skin and baby, I feel amazing. AMAZING. My skin has a little glow to it and boy is it soft. It did not hurt in the slightest bit, and I looked totally normal just more even toned the next day. Obviously you can get stronger forms, but this one simple thing cleaned up my skin after 28 years. It was worth it. If you’re on the fence just do it. You wont regret it. And in fact, you’ll love it. Tell your spouse you want to do something healthy for your skin this year and ask for a skin care procedure for Christmas.


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