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If you missed out on Amazon’s massive Prime Day sale in October, they just announced a first-ever Big Spring Sale with items on sale in literally every department – including the kitchen! I’ve been combing through the sales and have found some great deals on cookware, small appliances, and other essential kitchen items that I use ALL THE TIME!

For example, my favorite mandoline slicer is priced up to 50% off, plus bakeware and Dutch ovens from one of my favorite brands, Le Creuset, are also on sale.

Crockpot is also discounting their ever-popular Cook and Carry slow cookers. There are also a lot of deals on food storage containers and pantry organizers, just in time for spring cleaning!

Here are some of the stand-out deals I’ve found so far, but there are SOO many more! I’ll keep updating this post throughout the duration of the sale, which runs from March 20-25. 

My 5 Favorite Spring Prime Day Kitchen Deals

  1. Our Place 10.5-Inch Ceramic Nonstick Skillet – $110 (Originally $150).
  2. Thermopro Digital Meat Thermometer – $14.99 (Originally $24.99).
  3. Fullstar Mandoline Slicer – $19.99 (Originally $39.99).
  4. Stasher Silicone Reusable Bag (52 Oz) – $16.98 (Originally $21.98).
  5. Ninja Food Chopper – $33.99 (Originally $49.99).

Top Kitchen Brands Having Spring Sales

Spring Prime Day Deals on Kitchen Essentials I Own and Love

Prime Day kitchen deals
Credit: Amazon
  • Instant Pot Rio Duo Plus – $99.95 (Originally $149.95) These are so versatile, and they make dinner FAST! They’re great for cooking meat and veggies when you’re short on time. I love my 6-quart Instant Pot, but the 8-quart is also on sale!
  • Le Creuset 6.75-Quart Dutch Oven – $279.95 (Originally $430). Save up to 35%! This is perfect for pot roasts and larger meals.
  • Le Creuset 5.5 Quart Dutch Oven – $293 (Originally $419.95). I love Le Creuset’s Dutch ovens when I’m making stews, soups, and sauces. Save up to 30% off!
  • Le Creuset 3.5-Quart Braiser – $296 (Originally $367.95) This one also gets A LOT of use in my kitchen! It’s the perfect size for meals that don’t need a big pot. I love the two handles on each side!
  • Fullstar Mandoline Slicer – $19.99 (Originally $39.99). This is a MUST-HAVE in my kitchen. It can slice, spiralize, and grate. Save up to 50% with this spring Prime Day sale! You can’t beat that price! 
  • Crockpot 6-Quart Cook & Carry – $59.99 (Originally $69.99) This 6-quart slow cooker has locking lids and is great for dinners. I use it a TON!
  • Crockpot 4-Quart Cook & Carry $53.99 (Originally $115.99). I also have this 4-quart size which I use for dips and appetizers! It’s marked down by 53%! 
  • GreenPan Venice Nonstick Pan – $48 (Originally $69.99) – I’m a HUGE fan of GreenPan’s cookware line, and this one is made of stainless steel and a ceramic nonstick coating (the best of both worlds!) Plus, it’s up to 32% off!
  • Ninja Food Chopper – $33.99 (Originally $49.99). This is SUPER handy for chopping onions and small veggies or when I’m making salsas, dips, sauces, and dressings. 
  • Presto Gran Daddy Deep Fryer – $46.38 (Originally $66.22) I have Presto’s Fry Daddy, which is a different version than this one. They’re GREAT for containing fry messes and easier than frying on the stove! Save up to 30% off. 

Best Spring Prime Day Kitchen Storage Deals

More Great Spring Deals on Cookware and Appliances

prime day kitchen
Credit: Amazon

More Great Retailers Having Spring Sales!

Prices were accurate at the time of publishing.

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