Bacon Recipes

Who doesn’t love bacon?! It goes best in salads, soups, and a classic side dish for breakfast! Having the best piece of bacon is key and I can help you make it happen!

Best Bacon Recipes

Crispy Bacon Recipes

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Soups with Bacon

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Beef Stew with Bacon

prep 10 minutes cook 3 hours 10 minutes total 3 hours 20 minutes

Side Dishes

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Baked Beans from Scratch

prep 15 minutes cook 2 hours 15 minutes total 2 hours 30 minutes

Bacon Appetizers

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Loaded Fries

prep 10 minutes total 30 minutes

Salad Recipes

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Pasta Cobb Salad

prep 15 minutes cook 30 minutes total 45 minutes

Savory Bacon Recipes

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