Cherry Pie Bars

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My favorite pie is cherry pie.  I just love me some cherry pie.  I have never liked pumpkin pie, so cherry pie is my top choice for Thanksgiving.   These cherry pie bars are the bomb!  It was just like biting into a cherry pie and served warm with a side of vanilla ice cream…. wow.  I think I want some more now!

Rating: 5 stars  Difficulty of Recipe: 2 stars
Things that I changed:  Nothing
Things that I would do differently next time: It suggests baking them in a 15x10x1 pan or a 9×13.  Next time I am going to bake them in a 15×10 pan so they aren’t so thick and don’t take so long to bake.
Will I make this again?  Yes
Recipe Adapted From: Julies treats


5.0 from 3 reviews
Cherry Pie Bars
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
  • Ingredients:
  • 1 cup butter, softened
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • ¼ tsp almond extract
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 (21 ounce) cherry pie filling 2 if you like cherries (highly recommend)
  • Glaze
  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • ½ tsp almond extract
  • 2 Tbs milk
  1. Cream together butter and sugar. Add eggs and beat well. Beat in extracts.
  2. In a separate bowl combine flour and salt. Add to the creamed mixture. Mix until combined.
  3. Grease a 15x10x1 pan or 9x13, whichever one you decide to use. Spread 3 cups batter in a 15x10x1 (Also works with 9x13- baking time will at least be 35 minutes) Spread with pie filling. Drop remaining batter on top of pie filling.
  4. Bake at 350 for 30-35 minutes or until toothpick comes clean. Cool on wire rack. Combine glaze ingredients and drizzle over the bars.


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  1. Sounds so yummers

  2. These look great! I love love love almond extract. And they’d be really beautiful for Christmas or Valentine’s Day

  3. Is it possible to substitute or even omit the almond extract?? I try to be careful with some of my ingredients, especially if it’s something made for a social occasion, due to my sister having an almond allergy & a good friend with one to all nuts. This could just be one I would only make for my fiancé…

    • Yes I am sure that you could just leave it out or even substitute it with vanilla. 🙂

    • Okay, good to know. Thank you 🙂

    • lemon juice also would be a good substitute. 🙂

    • I love almond extract because it brings out the flavor of the cherries but in your case try some cinnamon as a substitute. Betty Crocker cherry pie recipe said cinnamon or almond extract.

    • Use vanilla or rum extract instead

    • I Used coconut instead and can I just say amazing! I also used butter flavor and it was pretty good but very rich!

    • Any time it says extract you can substitute in any extract flavor in the same amount that you need. Like in this recipe your looking for a teaspoon of extract well you could use a whole teaspoon of vanilla or a whole teaspoon of almond or a whole teaspoon of lemon. Also if you wanted to create a more adult version you could use a teaspoon of flavored vodka or rum or other hard liquor of choice.

      As a suggestion though for this glaze I would stick with Vanilla for not other reason than simplicity sake.

  4. Hi I am following you from the hop and I love how you rate your recipes according to difficulty in making. Depending on what you rate, I just might consider trying it. 🙂
    This Cherry bar looks interesting and fun for the kids. Thanks for sharing.
    I would love for you to follow back.

  5. My mom makes these! They are soooo yummy!!! I always forget how easy they are to make!! Thank you!

  6. There is nothing mentioned about whether or not the pan is grease or ungreased… Is it safe to assume ungreased? These look so yummy! I can’t wait to try them out!

  7. There is nothing mentioned about whether or not the pan is grease or ungreased… Is it safe to assume ungreased? These look so yummy! I can’t wait to try them out!

  8. Ok, they just make me speechless.
    I would definitely say, that this is one of the most delicious things I’ve seen in a while!
    Great job!

  9. Hello! I’m stopping in to invite you to join us at the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    I hope to see you there!
    The Chicken Chick

  10. These look amazing! Thank you so much for linking up with Mom’s Test Meal Monday! 🙂 Pinning this one for sure! 🙂

  11. Happy Friday Alyssa! I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing these look!! You’re being featured this week at Mom’s Test Meal Mondays!!

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Just made these for my cherry pie – loving husband. Didn’t have almond extract, so substituted with maple?? We’ll see. They smell delicious and I’m sure my hubby will love them! Thanks for the recipe!

  13. PS made these for my busy bag party exchange. Featured them on the wrap up post. You’re basically faaaamous:)

  14. Could another fruit be substituted and it still come out right?

  15. I made these for a group yesterday and they were, in fact, THE BOMB! 3 out of the 10 people there asked for the recipe and these will be a staple for me to take places.

  16. I made these last night. We loved the flavor, but there is WAAYYYYYY too much batter! I used a 15×10 but the batter was still so thick and cake-like, but the top was starting to brown so I had to pull it out. I really wanted a more firm “sugar cookie-like” texture, instead of the spongy texture I got from it being so thick. I would cut the amount of batter in half, use a 13X9 pan, and a big 30oz can of cherries if I made it again. I think with those changes it would be even better. I may even put some dollops of cream cheese on with the cherries next time too 🙂

    • Yes I totally agree! Way too much batter! That is why I wanted to use a 15×10 next time…. still too much?? They were still delicious though! And adding cream cheese on top! HEAVEN!! Thanks for the comment!

    • Here is the recipe cut in half for ya! Let me know if you need more help! 🙂

      1/2 cup butter, softened
      1 cups sugar
      2 eggs
      1/2 tsp vanilla extract
      1/8 tsp almond extract
      1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
      1/2 tsp salt
      1 (21 ounce) cherry pie filling

      1/2 cup powdered sugar
      1/4 tsp vanilla extract
      1/4 tsp almond extract
      1 Tbs milk

      • I made this tonight and used the recipe that had been posted with the ingredients cut in half….worked perfect!! Absolutly delish! Baked in a 9×13 glass baking dish. Will be making these again in just a few weeks for Thanksgiving

    • Nicole Hjerpe says:

      Hi, I want to make these for Thanksgiving, what do you suggest doing in order to cut it in half? I am new to baking so I am not sure how I could fix it before making it.

      • Amy Smith says:

        I know this is way too late for your Thanksgiving dessert, but you could use the original recipe measurements and pour the batter into two pans. Then you could use a different kind of fruit pie filling in each pan. It’s very good with peach pie filling, too. Blueberry or apple would probably also be great.

  17. Just made these and wanted to add a tip.. if anyone is having trouble with spreading the dough (since it is sticky), I just kept making my hands damp which made all the difference. 🙂 It is in the oven now and smells delicious!!

    • Shirley says:

      I could also suggest when ever trying to work with dough that is sticky; cover your hands in olive oil. or any oil may work. Olive oil is more of a delightful taste though. It works way better than older suggested methods of coving your hands and rolling pins in flour….

  18. How far in advance can I make these and still taste outstanding? Making a dessert table for a company party and wanted to include. Can’t wait to make. Thanks for sharing.

    • I would probably making them the day of if possible! 🙂 Let me know how they turn out! Also if you don’t want them to be as thick make them in a 15×10 pan! 🙂

    • If I make in a 15 x 10 do you think I can cut using a cookie cutter or fondant cutter? Was thinking of making in a star shape – not good for sharp corners? If not what shape other than square would you recommend? Thank you for you advice.

    • I’m sure that would work but something that I havent tried! It would sure be cute if it worked! Let me know if you do it that way! 🙂

    • Shirley says:

      it would be cute for 4th of july with stars. color the dough blue… and you have red, whiite and blue! cute..

  19. I made these bars exactly as the recipe says, and in a 15×10″ pan. I baked them for 18 minutes LONGER than called for and the bars were still liquid in the bottom. Very disappointed. My grandma used to make these bars and I was hoping they would turn out great but they were a flop.

    • Hmmmm I wonder if it was your oven… something must have gone wrong. Mine turned out amazing and my family raved about them! I have made them 3 times since I posted this. They are a hit with our family! Mine were not liquid at all?? That is really strange. Sorry they didn’t turn out! I hate when things don’t turn out the way they should.

  20. Made these tonight…AMAZING!!! It was a total hit with the family 🙂

  21. I made these at Christmas time. They were so pretty and delicious. Definitely worth adding two cans of cherries! Thanks for the great recipe!

  22. Sorry if I missed it…? Is whether or not to grease pan ?

  23. I live for anything with cherries! My mouth is watering thinking about it! I would like to make this recipe, but use a delicious organic sour cherry jam instead of the pie filling. What do you think? Can’t wait to try this recipe!
    Thanks so much!

  24. merlen hogg says:

    Thanks! I have just been searching for info about this topic for a while and yours is the best I have found out so far.


  25. Kelsey Waugh says:

    Just finished making these tonight. I followed the ingredients and instructions to the T. They came out tasting fine but I notice a funny texture. The bottom “crust” is a bit dense. I used 2 cans of cherries (because I LOVE cherries) and I regret the decision 🙁 It left the top almost under cooked and mushy. Also, the glaze is a must. It adds the sweetness to the dish, especially if you used No Suger Added Cherry Filling. I recommend really swirling or even flipping/mixing some of the bottom crust with the top filling to give more of a mixed texture all around.

    All in all they were good, just not my type of dish.

  26. thanks for share.

  27. These look soooo yummy! 🙂

  28. good! Would love these in cherry and I bet they would be great blueberry too! Thanks for the recipe Aylssa!!

  29. Oooo, love cherry pie! Even better in bars 🙂

  30. I am guessing that any pie filling would work with this recipe. I would like to try a mix like lemon and cherry or lemon and strawberry.

  31. wonder how this would be with apple pie filling?

  32. I made these last night, very good. I halved the dough recipe and used a mixed-berry pie filling (homemade not canned) instead of cherry. Baked the half recipe in an 8×8″ pan, but it was too thick and doughy even though baked for longer. Will use larger pan for half recipe. Glaze is a must! Tastes more like a sugar cookie fruit bar than a pie.

  33. Chana Barrett says:

    Do these freeze well?

  34. The original recipe says to make these in a jelly roll pan, which is essentially a cookie sheet with sides. Maybe that’s why they turned out soggy or unbaked for some people- they were too thick to bake through. In any case I just put them in the oven in a 9×13 with half the dough so we’ll see- they smell great so far!

  35. I’ve use apple and blueberry amazing deli-sh!

  36. Hi. Sorry to be a pain but I am South African and I don’t know what cherry pie filling is? I can get canned cherries, does that qualify? Or is it a special mix of ingredients?

    • Hi, HilaryKlopper,
      Cherry pie filling is a ready to pour and bake concoction with cherries, sugar and cornstarch thickening. You should be able to make a cherry pie filling from scratch with very little difficulty, and it will probably taste better than the canned stuff! Good luck.

  37. Charlotte McCall says:

    Made these today, and they are wonderful.

  38. Made these for the Father’s day gathering and everyone loved them. I actually enjoyed them as well so I know this will be a must make for the Holiday events in my family! Thank you for your recipe.

  39. I was just wondering if anyone has made this with rice/coconut flour my husband has to eat to gluten free and these look wonderful. And has anyone tried it with apple pie filling?

  40. Rebecca Huff says:

    These look delicious! I love cherry pie, so these bars sound soooo gooood. Can’t wait until I get to the grocery store to get the cherry pie filling. I’m going to substitute cinnamon for the almond extract. Oh my goodness, can’t wait to make these! Think I’ll make them for the 4th of July!!! <3

  41. michelle says:

    These are delicious. I made these for 4th of July picnics. They were a hit. I used the full recipe and put it in a 17.25×11.5×1 in. Pan. I made half cherry and half blueberry. Both were good, but I think next time I will make it all cherry. Thanks for sharing. I will be making these again.

    • Shirley says:

      4th of july… make with all cherry; dye the dough with blue food coloring adding the white icing and you have red white and blue for a festive look.

  42. StarvingDiva says:

    I made these today for my dad’s BBQ Birthday party tomorrow. They definitely came out great. Definitely more of a sugar cookie texture as opposed to pie crust but that’s okay by me as my least favorite thing about pie is the crust, the drizzle however was way too thick, I had to add a lot more milk to get it relatively thin and at that I still couldn’t “drizzle” it I had to kind of plop and spread it. I think 1 cup of sugar was a little too much. Otherwise these are fabulous I cooked mine for 40 mins in a 9×13 pan and the firmed up perfectly and were able to cut in bars perfectly.

  43. cupcakekiller702 says:

    How do you think this recipe might fare substituting gluten free flour for the all-purpose? I wonder if it would work, and turn out similar? These look SO good!

  44. Just made the Cherry Pie Bars, I agree the bottom crust is too thick. I also would like a thinner crust. The bars to me would have been better if the crust was lighter and not so thick.. I guess I may have read the directions wrong. I baked the bottom crust first for about 30 minutes. Then spread the cherry pie filling 2 cans on top of the baked crust. I then spooned more batter on top the cheeries by spoonedfuls and baked again foe 20 minutes. Then cooled and put glaze on top…… Nothing burned and it came out just like the picture. Anyone else do this?

  45. Hi!
    Just made these for my Husband’s Birthday. Can they be frozen?
    Thanks for such a yummy recipe!

  46. I made these today & as usual I made way to many for just the 2 of us & I don’t want them to dry out. Can I freeze these like some of the Chocolate bars that I have been making? And what would you freeze them in? Thank you so much for your help. And these were THE BEST BARS EVER my husband like Cherry pie so I tried this one on him & he liked it a lot me to way better than pie. Great recipe!!!

  47. I made these the night before last night & they were very delicious! How do I properly store them? I left the remaining bars covered on my counter.. Are they still okay to eat or should I refrigerate or freeze them?I don’t want to waste them please help! 🙂

  48. I just made this for a work party tomorrow.. Omg!!! These are the bomb! Followed the exact recipe, used the 9×13 pan (I love doughy) and baked for about 45 minutes till it was golden brown. Almost has a biscuit like texture, which my son says why it should be for breakfast! I have staple recipes I have stuck to all my adult life…Apple pie, chocolate almond biscotti, monster cookies, and chocolate chip banana bread. I’ve added this now. Thank you for sharing!


  50. Has anyone tried freezing these cherry pie bars, the recipe looks amazing, but I like to do my baking ahead of time for Christams.

  51. Made in 15X10 and cooking time is way too long for that pan size, Also, the sides got burnt before the drops on top were cooked. I agree with the one post that said to mix in the top drops more so they cook more evenly and greatly reduce cooking time to about 20 minutes.

  52. I made these last week and they were amazing! I made them in a 15×10 pan and used a dark sweet cherry pie filling. I got so many requests for the recipe! I’m making these again today but I’m making homemade apple pie filling to use instead. Thanks!

  53. What oven temp?

  54. What is the oven temperature?

  55. My 13-year old daughter made these for a family celebration, with no supervision at all, and they came out perfectly! She baked them in an ungreased 13×9 metal pan, using one can of pie filling. They were picture perfect, and super yummy.. Even though I’m a huge cherry fan, I think two cans of filling would have been too much and would have compromised the texture and almond flavor. We bake a lot and love to try new recipes. This one’s a keeper! FYI: We thought they were even better the next day for breakfast! 🙂

  56. – made this recipe and tasted metallic – could the one teaspoon of salt be a typo?

  57. the bars tasted metallic – could the one teaspoon of salt be a typo?

  58. How do I get this out of a 9×13 pan and onto a wire rack without ruining the whole thing?

  59. I just made these and they are fabulous. I divided the recipe into two 9X13 pans. I first spread out the dough, then added a cheesecake type layer, then 1 can of cherry pie filling for each pan (2 cans in all) then dolloped the remaining dough. I baked them on 350 for 35 mins. I took them out to cool and drizzled with glaze while still warm. I figured if Krispy Kreme could glaze Hot Now donuts then so could I. I couldn’t resist, so I ate a piece right out of the oven. So amazingly good and I am not even a fan of cherries!

  60. I made this for a party at work, and they loved them-have been asked for the recipe.. I am already planning on making these for a family party cooming up in May. Love the Cherry, but looking at doing different pie filllings as suggested by others. Defintely a keeper!

  61. Found a similar recipe that recommends baking the bottom batter only uncovered for 15 minutes. Spread the pie filling evenly over the hot crust and finish as above, returning to bake uncovered for 30-40 minutes. Maybe this would help with a soggy bottom crust when used in a 9×13 pan.

  62. Was concerned about recipe because it didn’t call for baking powder,which usually helps with raising.
    Top didn’t puff up as I remember another recipe I used many years ago that did.

  63. I was concerned about no baking powder in recipe to help with raising, they turned out good any way.
    I remember years ago a recipe I used and dough poo puffed up more.
    Dough was spreadable.

  64. I made these on my blog (and several times in real life)! So delicious, thanks for the share!

  65. Felicia says:

    I just made these and will be making these again soon. My family inhaled them! Boys! I had already put the full batter amount and cherries in the 9×13 pan before seeing the comments about the thick crust. (Glad I seen them I don’t like cake or anything cake like) so I used a half can more of cherry filling then lightly swirled it in with the batter. Their still a little thick but not like they would have been. Next time I will def use only half the recipe but these are still really really good. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  66. I made these tonight and they are amazing! Thanks!

  67. Will try this with all the peaches I have now.

  68. I have a 3y/o daughter, always wanting to help cooking, this will be fun for both of us.

  69. I LOVE Cherry Pie, but I only use fresh or frozen cherries. Do you have an adaption for fresh/frozen cherries instead of canned pie filling?

  70. the5thsister says:

    I just need a bit of clarification : when the recipe is halved, but still baked in a 9×13 pan, what is the baking time ? And, how much batter would you reserve aside for the top ? I noticed that several people had asked if they could be frozen (for Christmas baking) but didn’t see an answer. Has anyone tried to freeze them yet ?
    They sounds awesome, looking forward to trying them.

  71. I’ve made these “bars” for the last 30 years. . .I know them as the Dairy Council Coffee Cake. . .My favorite is made with apricot filling, but I’ve also made it with cherry, strawberry, apple, blueberry and sandhill plum (sometimes I’ve made my own pie filling). I always make it in a large jellyroll pan and watch very carefully to not over cook it. It’s fast (I can have mixed and out of the oven in 30 mins.), delicious, looks beautiful and serves a lot. . .This is a perfect, thanks for sharing it!

  72. Can these be made ahead of time & frozen until needed?

  73. These are my new favorite go-to treat…made a cherry lover out of me! I made the recipe exactly as written the first time, fantastic. The second time I tried butter flavored shortening (which I prefer, just out of it on the first go.) The shortening made for a denser, sugar cookie-ish dough…good for easy cutting and serving. I have some in the oven now, but THIS time I got ahead of myself and forgot to save a third of the dough for topping. Not wanting “naked” cherries on top, I made a quick streusel topping. Hoping it will make for a nice texture l? Fingers crossed!!

  74. Would i be able to put together tonight refrigerate and bake tomorrow? Or should i bake tonight refrigerate and warm up tomorrow?

  75. These are perfection

  76. this looks delish but is there a way to make the “crust” browner? Maybe an egg wash before baking? Thank you.

  77. I made these today, doubled the recipe and baked it in 10 X 15 pans and it turned out so beautifully. I used parchment paper, sprayed it AND my hands. Made the dough easy to work. Can’t wait to try it with peach pie filling! Success!

  78. I had a thawed bag of frozen cherries given to me so I made cherry pie filling and then went in search of a recipe since I’ve never been blessed with being able to make pie crust. This one was the winner and what a winner it is. I read some of the comments about the amount of crust, but I didn’t want too thin of a crust. I almost followed the recipe, but I made one addition, cinnamon, which I added to the dough. I didn’t want a soggy crust so I spread it into a cookie sheet pan and prebaked it for 12 minutes first and then assembled the rest. That did the trick. Thank you for sharing, I’ll definitely make these again.

  79. Do you have to refrigerate

  80. Very good. I have made these many times.

  81. Bill Nuzzo says:

    I have made these twice now and both times I had to bake at least 55 minutes for it to be fully cooked.
    Has anyone else have any trouble with baking only 30-35 minutes?


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