Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken

I am going to try to keep this as short and simple as possible and just say that you NEED to make this. This became our number one favorite meal last night! I love Chinese food and this blew my mind.

sweetandsourfinal1The breading on the chicken was exactly the same as from an amazing restaurant. I usually use flour to bread my chicken, but I think the difference in this one was cornstarch and eggs. The flavor of the sauce was incredible and it was even thick on top of the chicken. sweetandsourfinal3One of the best parts of this meal is the picky eater asked for seconds! We all couldn’t get enough of it. Including the 5 guys that came over to eat later that night. They said it was even better than a restaurant. We decided that this has to be made weekly. We now have Chinese Wednesdays and this will be made every week! It is just that amazing!

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Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Amazing restaurant quality sweet and sour chicken that you can make from home!
  • 3-4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 1½ cup cornstarch
  • 3 eggs, beaten
  • ¼ cup canola oil
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 4 tablespoons ketchup
  • ¼ cup white vinegar
  • ¼ cup apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon low sodium soy sauce
  • 1 teaspoon garlic salt
  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Cut chicken breasts into bite-sized pieces and season with salt and pepper.
  2. In separate bowls, place cornstarch and slightly beaten eggs. Dip chicken into cornstarch then coat in egg mixture.
  3. Heat canola oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat and cook chicken until browned. Place the chicken in a 9 x 13 greased baking dish.
  4. In a medium sized mixing bowl, combine sugar, ketchup, apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, soy sauce, and garlic salt. Pour over chicken and bake for 1 hour.
  5. I stirred the chicken every 15 minutes so that it coated them in the sauce.
Recipe adapted from Six Sisters


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  1. Mary says

    Looks fantastic……can’t wait to make ! One question – in the ingredient list you have garlic salt – in the instructions you have garlic sauce – is it salt? Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Janet says

    Made this for lunch today and it was very good. Put it into a medium Pyrex dish and stirred as the directions stated, and it looks just like the picture. I didn’t have garlic salt so I used pre-minced garlic from the jar and yum. Thank you for sharing this recipe. Next time I make this I will add the traditional pineapple and carrot that I have used in other sweet-sour dishes. It would be even better.

  3. Carol says

    Is the Sweet n Sour Sauce served on the side, or mixed in somewhere along the way? No mention of it except in the ingredient list.

      • Toni says

        You did forget to list the sweet n sour sauce as an added ingredient in step 4 though. And what kind of sweet n sour sauce did you use? Can’t wait to try this recipe myself!

        • Alyssa says

          Ok I may have to edit the instructions to make them more clear. You do not use sweet and sour sauce. You are making it from scratch in instruction number 4 and pouring it over the chicken. Does that make sense?

        • Alyssa says

          Maybe I will have to edit the instructions. You don’t use sweet and sour sauce. You are making it from scratch in instruction number 4 and pouring it over the chicken.

  4. Anita says

    In step 4 It doesn’t have any mention of what to do with the sweet and sour sauce? Or how much to use? I assume it goes over the chicken as well with the other ingredients but how do I use? 😀

    • Alyssa says

      In step 4 you are making the ‘sweet and sour’ sauce from scratch and pouring it over the chicken and baking it for an hour. Does this make sense now? :)

      • tracy says

        awwww… thanks for your patience…sometimes its so easy its hard to realize its from scratch!
        will be making it tonight!

  5. kim says

    In the list of ingredients it says sweet and sour sauce, from your comments I am assuming this was an error as the ingredients are actually for home made sweet and sour sauce!

    • Alyssa says

      I am going to have to change that in the ingredients because I think people are thinking the sweet and sour sauce is an ingredient when it is the ingredients listed below to make the sweet and sour sauce for the chicken. :)

      • Karen says

        Don’t think you need to edit at all Alyssa. It was all very clear to me! I was just trying to think what I could replace the ketchup with (as it contains sugar and we’re already putting 1 cup in :-) )

          • Alyssa says

            Good to know! I am going to have to start buying organic!! I also found a recipe for homemade ketchup that I have been wanting to try! :)

      • Rachael says

        Your instructions are fine for anyone with some cooking experience. Those who are used to making their own sauces from scratch. Don’t beat yourself up about it.
        Im going to try this soon. Maybe tonight. Then I’ll rate it.
        Thanks of sharing!

  6. Heather Fletcher says

    If you swear by this recipe and five guys said it was better than take out, then I must try it! I noticed your rice in the picture looks like loose rice. Do you own a rice cooker? I bought one years ago and I make perfect sticky rice in it using Great Value long grain rice. I can never go back to regular white rice again.

    • Alyssa says

      I definitely swear by this recipe and the guys are devouring it again as we speak. 😉 I always buy Great value long grain rice!

      • Heather Fletcher says

        It’s in the oven now! I just got done tossing it around after the first 15 minutes. That’s the same rice I buy, so when it’s halfway done I’ll get the rice going. I can’t wait to try it! I was getting a little worried when my house was smelling like fried eggs because of cooking them in the pan, but now it smells really good after the sauce has cooked for a bit. I’ll write another review when I’m done tasting it.

  7. Jill says

    I made this recipe last night per the instructions. It was delicious! It took me longer to prep the recipe–about 40 minutes compared to the stated 20 minutes. I’ll will make it again.

    • Alyssa says

      Yeah I might change the prep time. I have got it down to a science because I have made it so much. I dredge all of the chicken at once in the cornstarch and then dip them into the egg. I am so glad you guys liked it! :)

  8. Kristina says

    Can I cover the chicken while it is in the oven?
    The reason I ask is if it gets smokey in the oven, my apartment fire alarm will go off. :-) Thank you!

  9. Bethany Fazekas says

    This chicken was AMAZING! I just made it for dinner tonight. My husband will be AMAZED when he tastes it after work tonight. He loves Chinese food and this is better than a restaurant and good because you know where all the ingredients come from! I sprinkled mine with green onions too to give it a crunch. I had no trouble following the original recipe you posted. GREAT JOB! I found another winner!

    • Alyssa says

      Mine was still pretty soft. Only the ones that were cooked longer and more brown stayed a little crunchy. :) You could try frying them a little bit longer so they are a little more brown next time. :)

    • Annie says

      I assumed the picture showed crunchy looking pieces as well and mine came out soft. Great flavor so I think next time, I’ll set to broil for the last couple minutes and see what that does.

  10. nadine says

    I have never made chineese food in my life. I made this and it turned out soooooo good and was easy to make :)

  11. jean says

    This sounds just right for me as I have Celiac Disease and cannot eat wheat flour. So glad you use cornstarch. I have a question: will this recipe work in a microwave, once the chicken is fried and the sauce poured over it? I hate to turn on our oven when it’s 118 degrees outside.

    • Alyssa says

      Not too sure about the microwave. It might work?? The oven cooks the chicken slowly allowing the chicken to become more tender and the sauce to thicken. I am testing it in the slow cooker next week and I will let you know how it goes. :)

  12. jean says

    Would it be possible to finish this off in the microwave instead of oven. It is 118 degrees out side; I hate to use the oven here in the summer.

    • Alyssa says

      I’m not sure about the Microwave?? The oven cooks it at a low temp making the sauce thicken and the chicken more tender. But I am going to experiment next week and make it in the slow cooker. I will let you know how that goes! :)

      • jean says

        Thanks. Last night I decided to cook it in the frying pan; I took the chicken out. first. I had to add some cornstarch mixture to thicken it. Then I put the chicken back in. It was absolutely delicious!!!
        My 17 year-old granddaughter, who is very picky, devoured it.

  13. Sherry says

    Found this on Pinterest. Making it for the second time within a couple of weeks. It is soooo good! Tonight I added some onions. Thank you for sharing this recipe!!

    • Alyssa says

      Oh yeah! Isn’t is amazing!? We had it last night. It is a weekly thing now in our house! I am going to try it with onions and green peppers next week!

  14. Jennifer L says

    Do you think I would be able to replace the apple cider vinegar with something else if I don’t have that on hand? I have white vinegar, red wine and white vine vinegar but no apple cider.

    • Alyssa says

      Well the cider vinegar adds a little bit of sweet to it while the white vinegar makes it more sour. You could try leaving the cider vinegar out but I’m not sure how it would turn out??

  15. Mary says

    i made the sweet and sour chicken last night for dinner. I added pineapple chunks and sweet red pepper cut up. It was very good and will make again. Thank you for the recipe.

  16. Sarah says

    Made this last night and loved it! My husband loves Chinese food but the stuff you get at restaurants is so bad for you. Glad to find a baked recipe. I added red bell pepper and some canned pineapple and it was a hit. Thanks for sharing this!

  17. Gina Reyes says

    When my husband came in the door he was intoxicated with the smell. He said it smelled SO good, like a Chinese restaurant. Then he said he thought is was our Chinese neighbors who were cooking something really yummy. :) So happy it was me. I am going to make this again but this time add broccoli and red bell peppers. Do you think it would be okay to add them in the last 20 min of cooking. I was thinking to lightly steam the broccoli first then add it at the end. Also this time I will add triple the green onions…..I love green onions. I will probably need to double the sauce to cover the extra add ins. THANKS!!!!!!

  18. Liz says

    I have never dredged & egg. Always have done dredge/egg/then another coating… you have dredge then egg to fry… is there a strong egg taste? I am ALLERGIC to eggs. (yet able to dredge/egg/another coat). have you ever done dredge/egg/dredge for this recipe? or is too much batter?


    • Alyssa says

      There is not a strong egg taste to this and it is the first time I have done it in that order. But it gave me the same kind of breading as from a restaurant so maybe that made the difference. If you are worried about it you could try coating with the egg first but I am not 100% sure how it will turn out. Let me know if you try! :)

  19. Misty says

    Can you make this in the crock-pot like your Orange Chicken? How long would you cook it in crock-pot & what setting do you recommend using? Also, how many does this feed? I am cooking for 4-5 people ( I have a picky 3 year old).

    • Alyssa says

      I am actually going to test it in the crockpot and I think it would work just as great! It is very filling and it would feed 4-6 people I’m sure. I would cook it on low for 3-4 hours. If you are going to bread the chicken and brown it before putting it into the crockpot I would reduce the time. It won’t need as long but slow cooking it will allow the sauce to thicken. :)

      • Misty says

        I made this tonight, I ran out of time so just baked in the oven. It got ate right up, even my picky 3 year old loved it and wanted 2nds. I think next time I will use 1-2 more chicken breasts though (I used 4 & they were 5oz breasts I believe) & maybe even double the sauce?? There was 5 of us to feed and it was JUST the right amount, I wouldn’t mind having some left overs though the next day and there wasn’t enough for us to have 2nds although it was fine because we got filled up. I also like mixing the sauce in with my rice to give it some extra flavor & there wasn’t much leftover for that. Not sure if doubling the sauce would be TOO much though. Anyways…the recipe was awesome, huge hit with the family and I will no longer waste money on take-out Chinese food, usually we spend $30-$40 when we order it, this way is much better & cheaper…I already have all the ingredients except for the chicken & rice for when I make it again, & I plan on making it again real soon!!

  20. Payal says

    I just came across your site and decided to make the baked sweet and sour chicken recipe, it was AMAZING!! Can’t wait to try your other recipes!!!!

  21. YUm says

    I made these. Very yummy. Left them a little too long in the oven so next time will take them outbefore an hour as the sauce will burn

  22. Rebecca Vonderharr says

    Why does it bake for an hour? I’m guessing to thicken the sauce? That seems like a long time, does the chicken get dry?

    • Alyssa says

      It is baking at a low temp so it is totally fine. The chicken does brown a bit and the sauce does thicken but it is amazing and does not dry out. It almost makes it more tender. :)

  23. Abu says

    I enjoy cooking, I dread take out. It’s pretty rare when I do but a few weeks ago my brother paid me a visit and he insisted I take a break. That night we ordered Chinese takeout, yuck! I knew he planned to come over again and I vowed I would make it myself. My brother lives the takeout kind of life he says he doesn’t like complicated things. But I stuck with my plans I searched online read reviews and choose this recipe. I was not disappointed this was soooo delicious! Everyone agreed it was better than takeout. It was so great I made it for dinner the next day and my kids asked that I’d make it again! I make pizza religiously every Friday now I will religiously make this every Tuesday. I did however make some modifications. I sautéed the carrots added pineapple chunks and the vinegar mixture and brought it to a simmer. To thicken I added 1/2 tbs of dissolved cornstarch. When ready I mixed the chicken and served. This is a keeper!

  24. sheila says

    Looks so yummy that I want to make it tonight for dinner along with some Chinese fried rice.. My question is how many servings is this? I have a family of ten and not certain if I need to double or triple the recipe. Thank you. :)

    • sheila says

      Made it for the family last night and they said it was amazing. There were left overs and they were still eating it today!! Thanks for such a wonderful recipe.

    • Alyssa says

      I cooked this for my family of 8 last Sunday. I used 6 pieces of chicken and doubled the sauce. There was so much chicken I had to use a 9×13 and an 8×8. I did double the sauce and it was plenty. Sorry I hope that gives you an idea of about how much to make. :)

  25. Jody-Ann says

    I tried this recipe last night and ALL 6 of us demolished this dish! Finger lickin good! Ours certainly didnt come out like the typical sweet and sour chicken as your photos would depict, but it was truly great! Awesome job. Looking forward to trying some of your other recipes :)

  26. rebecca gustaf says

    damn good woman I think it’s funny all the question about the sweet and sour sauce it’s like just make it and you’ll figure it out. or maybe they don’t know what from scratch means. lol awesome recipe though eating it as I type.

  27. Sarah says

    I was wondering…when you’re cooking the chicken…is it supposed to be almost a yellow when cooking or did I use too much egg?

  28. says

    I made this and it came out great! Thanks so much for taking the time to type it out and take the inspiring pictures. :) I put less sugar (and brown sugar), and then a little honey. Not sure if it came out exactly how it was supposed to, but it was delicious! I served it with rice and broccoli, and green onions on top of the chicken. Thanks again!

  29. says

    I tried this recipe last night and had some very happy people in my house!! I didn’t have any cornstarch so I substituted flour. I also sliced up some garlic and chopped onion and added that to the bake. Next time I am also going to add broccoli. My husband was so impressed,said it was the best sweet and sour he has ever had. I said don’t thank me, thank the great recipe!!! We loved it and will certainly make it again, very, very soon!!!!!!

  30. Whitney says

    Outstanding! I made this last night and everyone loved it! This is also a great gluten free recipe! Thank you!

  31. says

    Found your site last night while searching for something to make for dinner. We tried the sweet and sour chicken and loved it!!!! I’m so excited about your site, it just made creating my weekly menu much easier! Going to share with all my friends. Thx again!

  32. Suzanne says

    I just made this. I did replace the sugar with a half cup of honey since I try to eat clean. Delicious! My husband loooved it!

    • Alyssa says

      On the stove you brown it just until it gets the coating around the chicken but isn’t quite cooked through. Sorry I hope this helps!

  33. Sarah says

    My husband and I really enjoyed this recipe, was very tasty. Definately making again! I had trouble keeping the corn starch on the chicken when I dipped it in the egg. Perhaps I will get better with practice :)

  34. Hannah says

    I am right in the middle of cooking it. I’m sure you won’t get back to me in time but is it supposed to look like scrambled eggs and chicken

  35. Hanna says

    Amazing delicious recipe, the chicken is still in the oven and i couldnt resist to have a bite!! I am still tasting it!!! 11 stars, definately better than take out!!
    Rgds from Panama, Panama!!!

  36. Angela says

    The recipe is very clear. Looks wonderful-going to make it for dinner tonight. Mysons is tired of theAmerican food at my mom’s!

  37. Cat says

    I have this in the oven right now, we’re excited to try it! However when I cooked the chicken all the breading came off.. I followed the recipe so I’m not sure why this happened. Hoping it’s still as good as everyone says!

    • Alyssa says

      Yeah the breading shouldn’t have come off. Did you dip it in the cornstarch and then the egg?? How did it turn out?

      • Cat says

        Yup I followed the recipe exactly how it is. I don’t get it! It was still amazing though! Probably would have been ever better had the breading stayed put, but it’s definitely something I plan to make regularly!

  38. Kamra says

    This was AMAZING! I am 18 years old and my mom has been begging me to cook and I tried this recipe. My mother and stepfather checked the trash can to make sure I did not buy the chicken! The chicken tasted amazing!!!! Yummy! Thanks but also bad because now they’ll expect more…

  39. Rodica M. Tessier says

    Hi everyone :)

    I had company dropping by for dinner. All I had was chicken breasts. Didn’t know what to do with searched and found this recipe. Personally, I’m not a sweet and sour type of person, but my company was. Since I tend to keep my cooking simple, this was a stretch for me. Served the Sweet and Sour Chicken sprinkled with green onion, on top of steamed white balsamic rice . Side was corn.

    Bottom line – OMG, it was delicious! A 4.5 for me and a keeper!!!!

  40. Yaritza says

    Amazing recipe! We didn’t wanna risk the chicken drying or getting any crunchier so we instead warmed the sauce and stirred the chicken in it. That also saved us that 1 hour waiting for it to cook. Delish! Thnx!

  41. Lauren says

    OK. I never post on these but I had to for this recipe, it was SO delicious! I just made it for myself and my boyfriend tonight with some brown rice and it was so great! The recipe was easy to follow and directions were clear. Thank you so much for sharing! Cheers!

  42. Lisa says

    Just popped this in the oven….I am super stoked to try it! I’m hoping it lives up to all the hype about it…I will report back after dinner!! :-)

  43. Natasha says

    This is by far the BEST sweet and sour recipe I have ever had! I put minced garlic, pineapple chunks and cubed red pepper in as well.. LOVE this dish!! :-)

  44. Tae Carter says

    I made this recipe and loved it however it was a bit strong on the vinegar so next time Ill adjust but I will be making it many more times :)

  45. says

    My daughters always order this at our favorite chinese delivery restaurant so I thought I would try your recipe. The picture is so enticing! It turned out delicious, soooooo much better than delivery. My daughters enjoyed helping me cook it too. The dredging is the perfect job for kids of any age. And it keeps my hands clean, bonus! I am making it again tonight, and we can’t wait for dinner time.

  46. Debbie says

    I have an allergy to chicken so I subbed pork for the chicken. All I have to say is YUM! A meal I will make time and time and time again! Thank you!!

  47. Brenda says

    I made this last night and it was so good!! My husband said no more take-out from now on, only this recipe! haha Thanks so much for sharing!

  48. Sean says

    If I wanted to add some veggies to this recipe (I’m thinking onions, green peppers, and red peppers), when would be the best time to add them? I was considering adding them raw to the sauce + chicken mixture and letting it all bake for a few minutes longer.

    • Alyssa says

      I have tried and it was a major fail. Because the crockpot keeps a lot of moisture in it, the sauce was very runny and didn’t keep its flavor. Which I was bummed because I love my crockpot!

  49. Patty says

    Made this for supper tonight… Very good. Company good. Will definitely make again.
    Rookie mistake — forgot to read reviews first.- would have cut prep time.. To anxious to get in kitchen with my laptop and start cooking. Tks for posting. 5 stars for us

  50. Sarah says

    I have made this 3x now in the last couple months!!! It is by far my favorite meal this year!!! I change it just a tad, by frying in olive oil instead of canola, I use 1/4-1/2C sugar, and I add crushed red pepper to my sauce to give it just a little kick! My hubby and 22 mo old love this! I have made it both with white rice and brown (health conciseness) but it does taste better with white!

  51. KIDS LOVED IT! says

    Made this for dinner last night and I was really surprised at the high quality taste of the dish! It tasted much better than any chicken I’ve had from a Chinese restaurant. My kids ate every last drop.

  52. KIDS LOVED IT! says

    I made this for dinner last night and I was really suprised by the high quality taste of the dish….My kids ate every drop. This is definately a staple recipe in my house.

  53. Tammy says

    Made this last night and it was wonderful! Although frying the pieces of chicken up is a bit messy, the end product was totally worth it. My son had 3 servings!

  54. Shana says

    I loved this recipe! The only thing I changed was the breading part. I dried the chicken pieces with paper towel. Then, I dipped them in foamy egg whites. Finally, I pressed them down in a cornstarch and flour mixture. It was great and just like the restaurants’ chicken!

  55. Tana Thompson says

    Made this last night and it is fantastic!! I needed it sugar free so used Agave Nectar instead of the sugar and it was absolutely wonderful! Thank you!

  56. Lois Brown says

    I .absolutely love this recipe!! I have shared it with a dozen or more people.. My husband won’t even try anything like this, so I am always looking for recipes that can be made in smaller amounts. I use one chicken breast, but I make the full sauce recipe because I add carrot coins right away. Then the last 15 minutes, I add chunks of green pepper and fresh pineapple. I sprinkle sesame seeds and green onion tops on right before serving it over rice. I can’t believe how easy it is to make and that it turns out looking just like the picture!!! Also, I do the whole thing in one frying pan that can go in the oven. I brown the chicken, add the carrots and sauce and stick the whole thing in the oven uncovered.

  57. Libi says

    This was VERY good!
    A bit tangy for some reason, but still super yum :)
    slight modification – spice the corn starch with LOTS of s&p, onion & gralic powder and a tiny bit of cumin

  58. Jodi says

    I made this last night and it was so good that I made a late-night trip to the fridge for some leftovers! I was intrigued by the technique of using cornstarch rather than flour, and also by dredging first then dipping in egg, without the final dredge usually done with fried chicken. It worked great! The cornstarch sticks so much better than flour and creates a thick covering. I dredged all of the pieces first and layered on a plate, then dipped in egg as I added to the skillet. I still can’t believe that it doesn’t taste eggy in the end. The sauce was so good that I kept “tasting” it as I was browning the chicken. I think it is perfect as is. Might make a double batch of sauce next time and simmer the other half on the stove while the chicken bakes. I served it with your fried rice recipe (also delicious) and the meal was fabulous!!!! Helpful hint to your readers: When dredging, put the cornstarch in a pie plate. It has plenty of room and the sides keep the cornstarch off of the counter (and the front of your shirt!). Thank you for posting. I will definitely be making this again.

  59. Leah says

    Hi, I want to make this recipe today but I don’t have any apple cider vinegar. However I have white, champagne, rice, sherry, raspberry, and red wine vinegar. Could any of these possible substitute for the apple cider vinegar for the sauce? Thanks!

    • Alyssa says

      Sorry I am just getting this. You can use white vinegar, the apple cider is just a little more sweet. Let me know how it goes!

  60. Dominique says

    Fantastic! Tasted like the real thing! My husband came home late to leftovers and was surprised I made it myself- he thought it came from a restaurant. Recipe was perfect, I doubled the sauce since I had lots of chicken. Kids loved it too. Thanks and keep,those recipes coming!

  61. Nikki says

    I wanted to give some great feedback on this recipe. I made this for the first time last night, and it is the

    My boyfriend has an undying hate for vinegar, and he started freaking out when I made the sauce, because of the strong vinegar smell. Let’s just say, once he tried the chicken, he went for 2nds and took back all the complaints he made about the vinegar. This recipe was very easy to make and easy to follow.

    This dish is definitely something I will make for my friends and family.

    Also, as a side note, sriracha compliments this chicken very well if you want a little heat every now and then.

    • Alyssa says

      I think I saw in the comments someone used flour and it came out ok. Although I feel the cornstarch is the secret in this breading. Let me know if you make it!

      • Jade says

        I haven’t tried this yet, and this comment may be a little bit late, but I’m thinking potato starch might work better then flour?

  62. C. Stewart says

    Made this with your easy fried rice and was very happy I did. I thought both recipes where easy to follow and easy to complete. The only thing I did different is the way I dredged the chicken. I like a thicker coating so I stuck with dry, wet, dry for dredging. Great recipes though. Thank you

  63. Edna says

    Hi…I just made this…and though it smells wonderful…it is NOT think and coated like your picture.
    In step say to add the sugar, vinegar, ketchup, soy and garlic salt…is there something missing from this step….like 1/4 cup of corn starch??
    I really wanted this to be sticky sweet like the rest. style.. :(

    • Alyssa says

      You could add cornstarch although I have made it several times and haven’t needed it. As it baked the sauce should have thickened up and if you let it sit for about 5 minutes after it should be thick and sticky. Try whisking in 1 T of cornstarch the next time and that will give it a thicker consistency if it is not. :)

  64. Becca says

    Just made this tonight with your easy fried rice recipe. I was a little intimidated by the smell of the sweet and sour sauce before, during, and even after cooking. I was worried I added too much of the vinegars or something, but it was absolutely delicious.

  65. Melisa says

    Made this recipe along with the fried rice you have on your blog for diner tonight and both came out really good! I ended up mixing the rice, chicken and excess sweet and sour sauce all together. Oh and I added a tablespoon of chili powder to the sweet and sour sauce which seemed to work out well. Thanks for sharing your amazing recipes! look forward to trying more of them :)

  66. dawn french says

    Made this today and it was nice, if just a bit on the sweet side. You only need 1/2 cup cornstarch and 2 eggs, also I used 3/4 cup sugar. Would recommend anyone to try this one.

  67. Jenny Chantler says

    OMG! Have never had much luck in re-creating things from Pinterest, but this is Delicious, with a capital D. Thank you SO much!!!!

  68. Cameron Rogers says

    I just made this and it was awesome! Turned out thick and sweet and sour. The ONLY thing I’m going to add to this is some pepper flakes. I feel it’s missing a little heat but that’s just personal preference. This recipe was awesome and self explanatory. Loved it and thank you so much for this recipe. Great job!

  69. Hop Sing Li says

    The recipe is good but to make it authentic Chinese you need to add sliced onions and bell peppers as well as pineapple to the sauce and include fresh grated ginger just before serving , this is how it is actually made in Hong Kong where basic ingredients are NOT optional but mandatory for taste and tradition

  70. Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    We made this recipe and thought it was absolutely delicious! I want to make sweet-and-sour chicken today, but I don’t want to fry any food. Do you have a recipe for oven-baked chicken breasts that would taste similar to this recipe?

  71. Rhia says

    Love this recipe! However, it seems to take me forever to make it. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong… the prep time alone takes me HOURS. Then again, I’m doing more like 6 chicken breasts rather than 3-4… I usually have a few people over when I make it.

    • Alyssa says

      Yes. The prep can take a while. I am not sure about hours… haha I have doubled the recipe for a big group before and it does take a lot longer because you have to do two batches but it is so worth it! :)

  72. Fanny Wat says

    What a delicious dish. I loved the flavor. How easy it was to make. But the only thing its it didnt got to dark like the picture. maybe because I baked it for 50 minutes? not sure vut who cares? the recipe its sooooo good that im making it again tomorrow with your fry rice. YUM. God Bless. ♡
    Las Vegas, N.V.

  73. Colleen says

    I made this recipe last night for my in-laws.. HUGE HIT with everyone! I added some pineapple and raw peppers prior to baking. Thank you for sharing….gonna keep this one in the rotation! Just had leftovers for lunch….reheats wonderfully!

  74. Andrea H. says

    The next time I make this (and there will definitely be a next time), I will start a little bit earlier in the evening but man, oh man, was it scrumptious! I made your fried rice for the first time tonight too and my husband and kids were very happy campers. Thanks so much for the easy to follow, simple ingredients, recipe! I look forward to trying more of your dishes!

  75. says

    Made this and it was AWESOME! Everyone loved it. But I didn’t bake it I just added the sauce to the pan and heated it til it was a great consistency. One less dish for me to wash! I am making this tonight again! Husband is out of town so I’ll have leftovers for breakfast!!

  76. Mickie says

    Wow! This was delicious. I found your blog via Pinterest, and I’m so glad I did! I can’t wait to try out more of your recipes…especially the slow cooker recipes!

  77. hcoffey11 says

    This was an AWESOME recipe! I have tried others before and the family was not impressed. My husband would prefer that I stick to the basics. I on the other hand get bored of the same thing. After his second helping he gave it a thumbs up.
    I did add a box of Green Giant Antioxidant Blend and some pineapple as well.
    Definitely will make this again!!! :)

  78. Mrs Elle says

    Love love love this recipe. Works perfect every time. So so easy and way better than buying from a takeaway shop.. I add carrot, green capsicum, onion and pineapple to mine for a bit extra.

  79. says

    Great recipe.. I used a pound and a half of chicken tenders, which I cut into nuggets,. I followed the recipe and had way too much corn starch. I only needed two large eggs and about two-thirds cup of the corn starch. I dredged and dipped all of the nuggets together, very quick prep. Will be making this often.

  80. Mona says

    OMG!!! FANTASTIC!!!!!! I’ve had my eye on this recipe for a while and finally decided to make it (with the fried rice). My kids absolutely refuse to eat Chinese food from restaurants – I’m typing this as they’re licking their plates and asking for seconds. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Most definitely a keeper!!

  81. Joan Lauren says

    I’ve made this several times and doubled the recipe, using the chicken and boneless pieces of pork. In doubling the sauce, I used the original recipe and then pineapple juice from a can of pineapple in its juice, not using the sugar, but using the ketchup and soy sauce. I cut up a sweet onion and separated the pieces, red and green peppers and added them to the pan half way through the baking, turning every 10 minutes so the vegetables were done but not soft. Using a few shakes of crushed red pepper adds something. Excellent recipe.

  82. Marie says

    I was just wondering, if you don’t want the chicken mixed with the sauce, do you just cook it til its browned and then put it in the oven to continue cooking? Love sweet and sour chicken, but hate them mixed!! I even will get the sauce in a bowl and the chicken on a plate at restaurants!! And now my kids and husband are the same way!!

  83. lakshmi says

    Can sugar and minced garlic be substituted with honey garlic sauce. ..if yes please mention the quantity. .

  84. yasmine says

    I want to make this dish sometime this week. I notice the picture has sesame seeds coated on the chicken but it doesn’t mention it in the recipe?

  85. Jen Garrett says

    I made this last night! The only thing I’m gonna do next time is make the sauce and marinate the chicken over night in it and then dredge/egg and cook for 45 instead of an hour. My chicken was dry (but still delicious) and the sauce burned in the last 15 mins. Otherwise it was so so good and my fiancé loved it!

  86. laura lofy says

    I added both pineapple and red peppers. That was good. The second time I made it was a bit “doughy,” perhaps the pan wasn’t hot enough when I stir fried.

  87. lizzie dyer says

    I felt some panic after i started and realized i had no apple cider vinegar and no white vinegar. . . given the chicken was frying i improvised so if you’re out of those ingredients there’s hope.
    I used a some white wine vinegar in place of apple cider vinegar and i opened a can of pinapples and used the juice combined with red wine vinegar to make up the difference.
    Feeling creative i threw in some sliced red peppers (only a few) a hand full of jarred cherries and a few pinapple chunks after i poured the sauce over.
    I think the extra sugar made it crisp up nice and overall this is a fantastic dish and it tasted like the nearest chinese restaurant.

  88. john thomson says

    I just made this- it was really excellent.
    I added a chopped red and yellow pepper to the dish- excellent taste and a bit more color.
    Next time will reduce the amount of cornstarch- far too much- probably get away with half the quantity

  89. Melanie says

    LOVED this recipe. The only change I made was adding a can of diced pinneaple. My boyfriend said it was the best sweet and sour chicken he’s ever had!

    Only downside is for those cooking neophytes among us that don’t know how to dredge and egg-dip the chicken in a manner that doesn’t make a huge gooey mess of our hands and kitchen counter.

    • AmyR says

      best way to do that is use one hand as “wet” and one hand as “dry”
      Pick up the chicken and drop it into the “dry” with one hand, then use the other hand to coat it with the cornstarch and pick it up and drop it into the “wet” then use the first hand to turn it over to coat and place it into the pan. So I used Left hand to put un-coated chicken into the corn starch, right hand to coat it with corn starch and put it into the egg, and then left hand again to coat with the egg and put in the pan. Keeps your hands from becoming balls of goop.

  90. Carolyn says

    I just made this and what a hit ! I do have some questions though.
    1. The breading…it became a really messy task…and it all fell off
    by the time it entered the oven. So what is the purpose and if anything,
    can I reverse the order of egg and then cornstarch?

    2. I plan to add red and green pepper strips and pineapple tidbits
    but I am not sure as to when to add them. Advise please…
    like within 24 hrs. because we are having guests.
    Thank you

  91. Carolyn says

    I just made this and what a hit ! I do have some questions though.
    I plan to add red and green pepper strips and pineapple tidbits
    but I am not sure as to when to add them. Advise please…
    like within 24 hrs. because we are having guests.
    Thank you

  92. shani says

    this looks delicious! i would love to try but all that sugar…..!!!! can i replace 1/2 splenda for the sugar?

  93. Amy says

    Thanks for sharing this recipe, it has become a family favorite! We also tried the honey sesame chicken. And really liked it too.

  94. Sharon says

    We live in rural France & to get a Chinese meal like that is impossible for us, so when I came across this and seen all the great positive feedback I had to try it. AMAZING! Our 16 year old daughter is so fussy with her food even though she is training to be a chef! She actually asked could she have some put by for snacking on later in the evening! It’s great cold too. Result!!! Just wanted to say thank you sooooooo much for taking your time to share this with everyone. :)

  95. mahtab says

    hi, I like to make this recipe tonight but I do not have apple cedar vinegar. Can I double the white vinegar?

  96. Aviva says

    Made it today, amazing recipe and so simple to make. This is a keeper for sure, thanks so much, I look forward to trying more of your recipes!

  97. Tiya says

    Could u tell approximately how many pounds is 3-4 chicken breasts as they can be different size and weight?

    • Dee says

      Try it with rice flour. The texture is coarser than regular flour but taste wise is similar. I’ve been told that in Asian restaurants, most use rice flour for this type of recipe for the breading on meats. I’m not sure how else to cut back on any of the other ingredients, but I hope this helps.

  98. Kenne says

    Hello! This look really interesting and I would just like to ask something.
    In step 4, after making the sauce, can I just mix it with the chicken in the skillet and continue cooking, instead of baking?
    It’s too bad my oven got busted.

    • Alyssa says

      Yes you don’t need to bake it. Just cook the chicken and add sauce to skillet and cook until it thickens. :)

  99. Anne says

    Well after the major success of your Baked Sesame Chicken, I went for the Sweet & Sour. My fussy boy friend loves it. I was worried. Ketchup?? OMG I was stunned. He loved it. I’m glad you;re married lol. He will want this every week! Thanks :)

  100. Heather says

    I just made these last night and all I can say is Delish! I will never order out again seriously. My husband, sister in law and father in law all raved about this dish. Thanks!

  101. Julie says

    This was great! Recipe was very clear to me! I also made the chicken fried rice with it. My family loved it all! Thank you!

  102. Grandma says

    Just made this. Absolutely delicious! Thank you for posting.

    But, reading through these comments… wow, what a sad commentary on the loss of basic life skills in our society.

    Cornstarch + chicken + egg? Agh! I can’t! Wait. What? And, and, you don’t buy the sauce in a bottle from a store?? OMG! Where’s the SAAAAUCE??

    People. Come on.

  103. Pam Kirby says

    I have already made your Firecracker Chicken, the Honey Sesame Chicken and now tonight I am going for the Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken!!! My family LOVES all the ones I have made so far so I expect tonight’s meal to get the same reviews!!! I posted my two completed Chinese meals on my facebook page and everyone thought I had takeout!! Nope!! I made that!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

  104. Suzan Vasica says

    Not sure where the confusion regarding the sweet and sour sauce comes from lol Seems obvious to me its made from scratch Alyssa :-)

  105. Brittany says

    Just made this for my husband who LOVES Chinese food. He says “This is better than any restaurant.”

    Thanks for the great recipe!

  106. gail says

    Hi there! I have made this before, really good! I was wondering if I could coat and fry the chicken the night before, store in fridge and then bake it the next day with the sauce to save on prep time the day of? Do you think it will mess it up? Thanks!

  107. Lori Andor says

    I made this 3 weeks ago for the first time. I added a little less sugar and added maybe 2 TBSP sriraca hot chili sauce. My husband and 2 boys loved it. We had it again tonight. Thank you

  108. Curtis says

    I’ve recently retired and have always enjoyed cooking but have never really had time. l made your sweet and sour chicken and it was very delicious. One question. Do you mix the sweet and sour ingredients by hand or with a mixer? thank you. I plan to try all of your recipes.

  109. Andrea H. says

    Very, very tasty! My family loves this (I’ve made it multiple times). It is definitely a labor of love though. Has anyone figured out a system to cut down on the prep time? Pinned, shared and recommended!

  110. Pam says

    I don’t usually post comments but had to with this. I cooked this last night and it was FABULOUS! We were all skeptical, but the taste was wonderful. So much so that my picky daughter went back for seconds and asked for the leftovers to be packed in her lunch. While the chicken was not crispy, the flavor was very good and the outside breading stayed intact as I stirred it. I didn’t cook for a full hour – about 40 minutes but I think my chicken pieces might have been smaller that the recipe directed. I also only used about 3/4 cup of sugar as I was just afraid of using a whole cup and it turning out too sweet. Thank you for this yummy recipe!

  111. Dad who enjoys to cook says

    In a word, “Wow”! My children and I love Chinese food, so over the past several weeks I have been experimenting with different recipes (Kung Pao, Sweet & Spicy, etc.). They all came out okay, but this recipe was amazing. One of my boys actually said it tastes like P.F. Changs!

    The only thing I did differently was to add some water to the egg / cornstarch mixture, as the outcome following the recipe was too thick. Adding some water got it to the consistency of heavy cream, which worked perfectly for coating the chicken.

    Kudos to the person who originally posted this recipe!

  112. says

    hey! Question: I’ve never done the cornstarch then egg. Always the cornstarch, then egg, then cornstarch again to double dip. I am nervous doing the egg on the outside much make me end up with scrambled egg. I hope that’s not going to happen – I’m trying this recipe tomorrow :)

  113. Mary says

    I just made this tonight, and I had to turn my computer back on just so I could say thank you for sharing this recipe. IT IS FABULOUS. I am usually pretty hard on myself when I make a new recipe, but I couldn’t find anything bad to say about this! SO. YUMMY.

  114. Elizabeth says

    Found this recipe on Pinterest. I want to make tonight for a large group but im considering skipping the first few steps and just baking with sauce ingredients. Thoughts?

  115. Dee says

    OMG! ALYSSA! OMG! First time in but def not last! I was craving fried rice and on most nights, I can usually pop over to my awesome Asian mama’s house for a crack at the “authentic” stuff. I am by NO MEANS being discriminative or racially motivated here when I say authentic. There is a lot of salty deliciousness used from bottles that I can’t read and that makes it authentic to me. It does not by any means make it taste any better but oftentimes, it is hard to get the “like home” taste. In any case, after a quick google led to your fried rice recipe, I had to check out this chicken recipe. Lo and behold! I even had all the ingredients! Granted, I only had boneless skinless thighs so cooking it took just a little longer but BY GOLLY, it was still ROCKIN AWESOME, Thanks for sharing! :-)

  116. Marti says

    I cant figure out if you mean 4 whole chicken breasts (2 halves each) or 4 split breasts —please clarify —-a whole breast is awfully huge!

  117. lynn wright says

    We thought the recipe was delicious….and my husband is really picky. He says this is his favorite thing to have for dinner. We both enjoyed it very much.
    Thanks for sharing.

  118. lynn wright says

    We thought the recipe was delicious….and my husband is really picky. He says this is his favorite thing to have for dinner. We both enjoyed it very much.
    Thanks for sharing.

  119. Ana says

    Did it 2 times and it was a hit both times. I did use a tiny less sugar on 2 time cooking. Kids loved it it said it was better than the chinese restaurant we get from. Making it again this week. Got all the ingredients ready. Thanks for sharing.

  120. Norine says

    Made this for supper last night, and as others stated, a little too sweet for my husband and I. I will cut down on the sugar (maybe 1/2 c) and add pineapple next time. I used gluten free corn starch, which makes it a gluten free meal! Other than a bit sweet, it was delicious and will make again!

  121. Laura says

    So I make this recipe ALL the time and think I have found the perfect alterations for our family: I double the sauce and add half at the 30 minute mark. I also add about 1/2 cup of Franks Hot Sauce to give it a little spice and smokey flavor. Then I add a can of pineapple tidbits and 1-2 cubed bell peppers. MMMMMmmmm…soooo tasty :) The hot sauce cuts down on the sweetness, too, without giving it too much spice. I use the original buffalo wing flavor.


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