Slow Cooker Kalua Pulled Pork

I went to Hawaii a few years back and got to eat Kalua pork for the first time at a luau. It is so fantastic and so tender. They have a place in Utah that has amazing kalua pork, but I was excited to make my own. You guys. This cooks in your slow cooker for 16 hours! I put it in the night before and when it was ready the next day, it peeled apart. The salt and liquid smoke rub keeps it extremely tender and moist. I don’t think I have ever experienced pork that was so tender and moist. I served them with some coleslaw and drizzled BBQ sauce on top. But you could really serve this however you want to! Over rice, use teriyaki sauce, it tacos, the possibilities of this delicious pork is endless. The flavor was perfect and I felt like I was in a Hawaii luau in my kitchen… haha I wish!

Slow cooker kalua pulled pork sandwich on a white plate.

Rating: 4 stars  Difficulty of Recipe: 2 stars

Slow Cooker Kalua Pulled Pork

  • 1 6 pound Pork Butt Roast
  • 3 Tbsp Hawaiian sea salt (or regular sea salt works great)
  • 3 Tbsp Liquid Smoke
1. Mix the sea salt and liquid smoke together in a small bowl. Place the pork into your slow cooker and run the mixture all over the roast.
2. Cook on low 16-20 hours. Turn your roast over at least once half way through.
3. Once finished remove roast from crockpot and juices and shred.
Recipe Adapted from Plain Chicken
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  1. I’ve had this recipe from Allrecipes and it’s awesome. It’s so simple but the best!

    1. Me too!!! I was thinking I’d make pulled pork with actual Khalua in it and have some leftover to make a White Russian. Double win! Nope….no liquor. :Hahahaha!

      1. Hawaii I immediately stertad searching for Kalua pork recipes and found one at this awesome blog Pineapple & Coconut! {you should check it out, she loves any and all things Hawaiian} I didn’t just want to make

  2. Kahlua pork should be made with the most important ingrediant (and where it get’s it’s name…) Kahlua! Even if you don’t drink, no fear, the alcohol cooks off…. I can’t imagine this recipe tastes “right” without the Kahlua added.

      1. Any liquor store will have some. That’s what you use to make White Russians if you ever had one. Google it, I’m pretty sure you’ll recognize the bottle.

  3. I’ve made this at my daughters first birthday luau and it was delicious! Even our smallest guests enjoyed it (they weren’t so sure at first and were hoping for hot dogs but ended up LOVING it) I was reading the other reviews and think its funny that some people seem to be confusing Kalua with Kahlua .. This meat has nothing to do with the alcohol. Kalua (no H) is the Hawaiian word for cooking/roasting an animal in an underground oven called an Imu. I grew up in Hawaii and this method of cooking a pig and getting Kalua pork is AMAZING but being in the mainland now this slice cooker version was surprisingly good and much easier then digging up an Imu in my yard 😉

  4. I tried this last night. I must have done something wrong because the pork came out so salty we could hardly eat it. I put less than half of the recommended salt and used sea salt (not regular), so I’m not sure what happened. Any suggestions for something I could do differently?

    1. Kalua Pork does have a saltiness to it but it shouldn’t be so salty that you can’t eat it. We thought it turned out great but maybe try using less salt next time. 🙂

  5. I made this recipe a while ago for my son’s end of school Kindergarten party. The kids loved it and so did all the parents! I made little “sliders” by putting it on Kings Hawaiian Sweet Rolls. So yummy! I’m glad I found this recipe again because I will be making it for a super bowl party. Thanks for the great recipe!!

  6. Are you saying 16-pound Pork but Roast? I don’t see a period between the 1 & 6 and that is a dam big roast. I’m only one person and my dog too much for me.

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