Sweet and Savory Lemon Recipes

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These lemon recipes are sweet and savory and perfect for spring! Each recipe involves lemon! That’s right lemon lovers, this roundup is for you.

All the sweet and savory lemon goodness your heart could ever want, from old fashioned lemonade to pastas and dessert bars!

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Sweet and Savory Lemon Recipes

These lemon recipes are AMAZING and taste even better in the warmer months. They are light and refreshing in every bite. From breakfast to drinks, then dinner and desserts lemon ingredients is added to each of them perfectly. With a subtle hint to a major part of each recipe the lemon is balanced just right and makes these meals savory and sweet in one sitting.

Sweet and savory lemon recipes are going to be a huge hit for this spring time. Each recipe is built around the fresh taste of lemon. For lemon lovers this is the perfect combination of recipes to help you soak in every last drop of freshly squeezed lemon juice right into a bowl or skillet to make the most delicious lemon meals. This spring time brighten the menu plan with these sweet and savory recipes!

Picking The Best Lemons:

It is best to choose a lemon that is heavy for its size. The heavier the lemon and the thinner the skin is usually means there is more juice inside of the fruit. Smelling the fruit will also help know how strong and ripe the lemon is. The skin of a lemon should be bright and yellow with no wrinkles on it. The wrinkle means the fruit is old and a little bitter.

  • Color: Brighter the better with no green coloring
  • Smell: A fresh scent of lemon will radiate from the fruit
  • Touch: The heavier and firmer it is the more juice it has inside.
  • Texture: No wrinkles on the lemon, just smooth and glossy.

Fresh Lemons vs Lemon Juice:

For these lemon recipes, either fresh or bottle lemon juice will work. I do prefer fresh lemon juice because of the sweet and tangy taste it has. Bottle juice has a different taste to help store it for a long period of time. There are extra additives and preservatives to help this process which will alter the taste. Because of that the bottle juice is not bright and lemony like a fresh lemon is.

Storing Lemons:

Storing lemons in the refrigerator in a sealed plastic bag is the best way to keep lemons lasting longer. When stored at room temperature, lemons tend to harden after a week. If you are planning on using the lemons before that then the counter, pantry or basket outside of the refrigerator will work too.

Freezing lemons will work as a whole but may become mushy when thawed. The juice does stay well and still tastes delicious. Lemon slices can be frozen easily by adding them to a ziplock bag laying flat in the freezer. Lastly, freezing the juice itself is just as simple by adding the squeezed juice into ice cube trays and freezing them. This is perfect for adding to water, cooking skillet or a flavored drink.

Wake Up Refreshed!

Breakfast is better bright, fresh and delicious! With these savory and sweet breakfast you will love the mouthwatering tastes that come out in each bite.

Bake Up Some Bread:

Bread is a weakness of mine and with these quick bread recipes I can make it any time. It is that easy and simple! I love the flavors that blend together with lemon. The lemon glaze is even a big hit itself!

Sip on Some Lemon:

Each drink is especially made to be sweet and refreshing leaving out the tart and bitterness lemons usually have. It is the perfect balance in one drink!

Savory Lemon Dinner Recipes:

These rich and flavorful lemon dinner recipes are perfect for a fresh and delicious meal. Spend the warmer months squeezing and zesting your protein with lemon for a sweet and savory dish every time.


Sweet Lemon Recipe Desserts:

Desserts is one of my favorite meals! I love the sweet and tangy flavors that blend together in a dessert leaving you always wanting more. They are so light and refreshing it doesn’t even feel like dessert is being eaten!





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